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The government made a new school for the super powers. As some of you know, anyone out of super power territory will be shot and killed. So live your life at Super Power High!






Super Power:

Bio (optional)

Crush (optional again)

Other (the LAST optional):


My App

Name: Roze Fyree

Age: 16



Super Power: Elementals

Bio (optional): ---

Crush (optional again): TJ

Other (the LAST optional): ---

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Wow. didnt think youd do it XD




Super Power:Earthineosis (Can do all most anything with earth)

Apperance:post l8er

Bio (optional):has fully completeted his earth training and gotten his black belt (11th Degree) he is now one of the most powerfull earth users on the planet

Crush (optional again):Roze

Other (the LAST optional):He is indapendint, he likes numorus people challangeing him to a fight, he mostly only fights alone vsing numorus people.Also....he still has his demon dragon inside of him, its his last resort, or if he feels like killing someone.

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Name: Chris Jameson, AKA The Paladin

Age: 18

Apperance: athletic, long blonde hair, goatee. usually wears jeans, shirt, open waistcoat and trainers.

Bio: All information about Christopher's past is held by the US government, and he simply refuses to tell. He's a lonely, cold, sarcastic individual from Britain.

Powers: has the power to fly, controls Holy Flame and is skilled at martial arts. Also has unbreakable will power (part of his mysterious past)

Crush: None, as of yet, but it will be a decent challenge to get him one

Other: Well... something may be chasing him. Something big. He always tells people "If I say run, you run, and I mean RUN, understand?"

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Name: Pete Aquamarine

Age: 16

Apperance: Medium height and build, always wears a dark blue outfit and a light blue bracelet that matches his hair color

Bio (optional): never knew his parents, but leart how to survive at a very young age

Crush (optional again): None yet

Other (the LAST optional): Lonely, but very nice

Super power: Able to manipulate liquids and frozen things

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Name:Kira Joule



Super Power:Ice/Water

Bio (optional):Kira is a shy boy especially around girls but has a crush for Roze, and can use his power in many different combinations.

Crush (optional again) Roze

Other (the LAST optional):NA

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