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[Zeaux] Barrier Force


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Barrier Force





-Card Effect-


Each time your opponent activates a Spell Card, you can remove 2 monsters in your Graveyard from play to negate and return it to the bottom of their Deck. If you do, both player's lose Life Points equal to the Level of 1 of the removed from play monsters x150.[/align]

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It's a unique card, as well as powerful, but I - being me - have my quibbles:

1. The bottom of the deck is probably the hardest place to retrieve a card from on the entire playing field. I recommend shuffling it into the owner's deck instead.

2. Both players don't take the damage. You take the damage. You do. Suffer. :P

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*Zeaux uses Barrier Force! It reflect the LAZER toward Aiku!*

Aiku: 8D ... Bogus.


OCG: The OCG is great! But... the error is the remove from play part. I don'T think you write it like that.

Effect: The effect is interresting, first time I see it. Not the negate, but the backfire of it. But I'm with Cakey with the both player's get the suffering, the controller should! MUAHAHAHAHAH!! (...) *cough*

Image and Name: Flawlessly perfect.


Overall: 9.3/10

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