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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's XD (Accepting)


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Ok Just Copy and paste this frame for your stuff so I can accept you.


Ace Card:


Monster (For Synchro Summon):

Synchro / Dark Synchro:

Signer/Dark Singer:



Example: (not my real one)

Name: Zeke

Ace Card: Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon

Tuner: Plaguespreader Zombie

Monster (For Synchro Summon): Summoned Skull

Synchro / Dark Synchro: Dark End Dragon

Signer/Dark Singer: Signer

Appearence: (Whatever)



Name: Umbra

Ace Card:Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu

Tuner: Infernity Dwarf

Monster (For Synchro Summon): Dark Tuner Nightmare Hand

Synchro / Dark Synchro: Hundred-Eyes Dragon

Signer/Dark Singer:Dark Signer

Appearence:White Hair, Pale Skin, Blue and Black robe (Giant Nazca Line Design), Jeans

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im in

Name: Axel Izinski

Ace Card: earthbound immortal chacu challhua

Tuner: royal swamp eel

Monster (For Synchro Summon):Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth

Synchro / Dark Synchro:n/a (unless you know a fish synchro)

Signer/Dark Singer: dark singer

Appearence: blue spiky hair, akiza's duel disk, black robe's (like chazz's exept with a picture of chacu challhua on it) and black eyes.


[spoiler=my deck]


Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth

Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus

Levia-Dragon - Daedalus

Cranium Fish

Terrorking Salmon

Warrior of Atlantis

Ocean's Keeper

Deepsea Macrotrema

Abyssal Kingshark

Golden Flying Fish

Crainium Fish

Royal Swamp Eel

Oyster Meister

Unshaven Angler

7 Colored Fish

Penguin Soldier

Cyber Dragon

Ice Master

Orca Mega-Fortress of darkness




A Legendary Ocean x3

Mausoleum of the Emperor


Big Wave Small Wave

Pot of Avarice


My Body as a Shield

Pot Of Greed

Gold Sarcophagus

Double Summon

Monster Reborn

Field Barrier x2




Spiritual Water Art - Aoi

Fish Depth Charge

Tornado Wall

Dust Tornado

Mind Crush

Tower Of Bable

Sakurestu Armour





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Ok heres my deck <> (Not Made)

[*spoiler=My Deck]

Effect Monsters:

X3 Sparky

X1 Fire Sparky

X1 Water Sparky

X1 Tsunami Sparky

X1 Volcano Sparky

X1 Forest Sparky <>

X3 Blue Mecha-Flame Sparky

X2 Energy Ball Sparky

X2 Sparklling <>

X1 Sparkolite <>

X2 Chubba

X2 Plant

Spell Cards:

x1Spark Transfurrer <>

x2Lightning Strike <>

x3Mystical Space Typhoon


X2Calling All Elements

Traps: Not Revealed Yet


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