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Ice Cream Machine


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The coolest thing just pased my house. It was an Ice Cream Truck. Well it was more like a van. It could of been a kid napper because everyone in my area parent's are at work. I think, not to sure about that though. I also think that the Ice Cream Van thing goes in my area every Friday.


Talk-How often does a Ice Cream thing come by your house and do you never buy anything from it. Or whatever

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We don't have an ice cream shop here either.


......WHAT? You don't have ice cream shops in your area?


What kind of uninhabitable place do you live in?

I mean, Pikachu here can't even access Youtube, but he still has ice cream shops where he lives (right?)

I can't believe it. And small-town ice cream shops are the best (unlike that DQ crap)

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