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The Clan Wars (Come on join)

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This is a place where people are the leader of a clan. Clans here fight one another. I will be Making a clan. To make a clan, use this Entree Form!


Clan Wars


Clan Name:

Name of Leader:


Read the Rules!


1. All standard YCM Rules apply

2. To get new weapons, you must order them via PM.

3. You must use your actual points to buy weapons.

4. If you would like to battle someone, Quote this.-> (I would like to battle _________'s clan) then wait for them to reply.

5. To join someone else's clan PM them this entree form.


Join your Clan.

Clan Name:

Name of Leader:

Name of new member:



Weapon Shop


Pistol: 3 Points--------------------------Stats ATK: 3 DEF: 0

Machine Gun: 5 Points-------------------Stats ATK: 4 DEF: 1

Crowbar: 2 points------------------------Stats ATK: 1 DEF: 1

Baseball Bat: 1 Point---------------------Stats ATK: 1 DEF: 0.5

Energy Cannon: 10 Points----------------Stats ATK: 7 DEF: 3

Toothpick Launcher: 5 Points-------------Stats ATK: 4 DEF: 0

Remote Controlled Robot with Laser: 15 Points---Stats ATK: 15 DEF: 12

Laser: 9 Points---------------------------Stats ATK: 9 DEF: 2


Now, enjoy!

Clan Wars


Clan Name:Retune Clan

Name of Leader:Tunite (me)

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