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Monster Hunter Creed [PG-16] [Chapter 2]


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[spoiler=Prologue + Chapter One; Crappy Introduction]

Monsters. They’ve been the stuff of legends. Myths, fables, story book creatures. What would it be like if you lived in a world filled with these creatures. Mighty beasts ranging from tiny to colossal. This is Minegarde, where civilizations have hunted these great beasts to survive, to thrive. If you hunt alone, you will most likely die. However, if you hunt together, you will live.


“Ok now… Slowly… Slowly….”


A small group of figures huddled across the large forest. Tall trees littered the forest, with light filtering through. A large dinosaur like creature stood in the middle of a small clearing. The grass was extremely rich in this area, with a small spring huddled to a corner. A small waterfall dropped the water into the spring. 4 small brown deer creatures were drinking at the spring, their white fluffy underbellies open for a bowgun shot. The dinosaur creature was green, with brown stripes going horizontal on the ridge on it’s back. It’s tail had a horizontal shield that resembled the head of a triceratops. It had a tall, curved crest on it’s head, and it munched on the rich green grass.


The 4 man group crouched down under a thin, but tall bush. They were in a straight line, with the leader in front. The leader pointed to the large creature and nodded. Two men behind him spread out; the leader stood up. He was now fully visible. He wore a mist match of armor. His left side was fully armored in iron armor. The armor itself was rusty, and regular looking. His left was lightly armored, with leather covering the rest. A slim sort of katana was attached to his back.


His head was not covered at all, leaving his short orange hair in plain view. His light blue eyes scanned the location, before finally locking on to the large beast. He edged his left hand on the katana’s handle. In a flurry of movement more beasts crashed from behind the first. Before they could cover any distance, they were impaled with a large iron spike. They gave a loud ‘humph’ and went limp. Another set of beasts burst through, this time, already near death. A loud bang rang out and the very first beast dropped dead, a hole in his head.




The deers sprang away and small birds flew upwards.


“Jeeze, Leo chill.” The one with the large iron spear stepped forward. He had unkept black hair with yellow piercing eyes. Unlike Leo, the one with the katana; he was fully armored. He wore a sort of dark blue chain mail. His shoulders were more solid, as if shoulder pads were under the chain mail. From his waist down was a sort of chain mail kilt. Hard navy leather was under the kilt, protecting his legs. His boots were curved upward at the tip, a help when it comes to running.


Leo eyed him. “Look Dom, I just hate it that you guys always get the kills.”


“Wow Leo. You’re such a sore loser.” Another figure stepped out from behind the dead bodies. This person was a she however, with long, flowing blonde hair. She had light green eyes and a large hammer at her waist. She was wearing a simple cloth tank top and shorts. She seemed to be the killer of the second pair of beasts.


“Oh no, now I’m being attacked by two of my friends. Greeeeeeeeat.” Leo shot back.


The blonde girl just gave a ‘humph’.


“Please! Alice, Leo, stop!” Another figure stepped forward. This one had plain dark brown leather covering her from her neck to her feet. A large square hung from her back. At closer examination, it was a crossbow gun. She had a long red ponytail and had fierce pink eyes. Leo’s face sort of became dumfounded by the figure’s appearance.


“Whoa, and I thought Alice was a beast-”


“Hey!” Alice shot at Leo. “It’s not my fault I enjoy smashing skulls.”


“It’s a bit un-ladyish of you however.” Dom said, sharpening his lance with a small yellow stone.


“Oh shut up Dom!”


The 3 began arguing. The fourth figure, stood behind them. She waited, but soon became impatient. Before the 3 could stop arguing she burst.






The three instantly stopped, and Dom turned away, focusing on his lance. Leo and Alice’s faces dropped as the fourth figure started to nag.


“Why can’t you guys just shut up and work together!”




“No buts Leo! I’ve had enough with your arguing!”


Leo and Alice stood awkwardly in the silence.


“Mai here has a wonderful point.” Dom suddenly stated, breaking the silence.


Wonderful? I’ve never heard you say that Dom.” Leo replied, chuckling.


“Let’s just get these dead Aptonoths back to town. Mai, you’re back guard. Leo, get this stuff loaded. Alice-”




“Don’t kill anything.”


“And then, BAMN! I shot the thing right in the face!”


A crowd of girls cooed at the guy standing before them.


“You mean, I shot it…” Another man was beside the first, with a ticked off expression and a light bowgun across his back.


The setting was a tavern, several tables were littered across the room. Villagers littered the area, drinking and talking. At the back was the owner, cleaning the mugs and serving customers. Several waiter girls maneuvered around the tables, delivering food and drinks. In one corner was a hunter with a long thin sword. The sword was sheathed in leather. The man himself was wearing a mix of leather and iron. He had short blackish brown hair and a large grin. The one with the bowgun was about the same height and size, and wore mostly leather, armguards, and had brown hair reaching the rim of his eyes. They were surrounded by local girls, and the one with the sword was telling about his exploits.


“Aww quiet Kevin, I’m trying to impress the crowd…” The swordsman whispered to the gunner.


“Fine, Derek, but you owe me.” Kevin walked off, leaving Derek to continue. As Derek continued, Kevin sat at a table.


He waited, but no waiter came towards him.


“Waiter!” He said impatiently.


Growing impatient, he stood up and walked outside. Once outside, he was confronted by a large man in a knight’s suit. His armor shrouded his face. The man handed Kevin a paper, and he quickly grabbed it.


“The Grand Hunt..?” Kevin muttered to himself. He looked up, but the man had left. He walked back in the tavern, and pushed aside the girls that were listening to Derek. “Nothing to see here.” He said, and the girls left sadly.


“What the hell. Kevin, why did you just do that?” Derek asked a blank expression on his face.


“Look idiot, we got invited to a Grand Hunt.” Kevin replied, shoving the paper in Derek’s face.


Derek grabbed it and skimmed through the paper. As he handed back the paper, a grin formed.


“You know what this means?”


“No Derek, I don’t.”


“If we win this thing, we’ll be the greatest hunters ever.”


“So, we’re actually gonna go?”






The four had set off back to town, with about 2 Aptonoth pulling the load of dead wild Aptonoths. Dom was sitting on the Aptonoth to the right, and Leo was sitting on the one to the left. Mai was sitting on the rear of the load, and Alice was no where in sight.


“Hey Dom…”


“Yea Leo?” He replied.


“Where’s Alice?” Leo asked.


Dominic looked around, before shrugging. “Probably mauling a poor defenseless Kelbi.”


Before Leo could respond to that, Alice burst out through the surrounding foliage. The Aptonoths reared on their hind legs, throwing off Leo. Dominic quickly calmed them down, and Alice handed him a paper.


“The Grand Hunt?” Dominic said aloud. Leo and Mai peered over his shoulder, while Alice grinned infront of them.


“Dom… We could be legends!” Leo exclaimed.


We? Leo, you’re not ready for these types of hunts. Nether are you Mai.”




Mai had a blank expression on her face. “You’re kidding right?”


“No he isn’t, you guys haven’t even killed a wyvern yet.” Alice said, still grinning.


Leo looked horrified. “But we’ve killed Velociprey!”


“So? A Velociprey is child’s play. You haven’t even killed a drome…” Dom replied, adamant about his decision.


Leo’s mouth hung open. Mai was shocked. Dominic folded the paper and gave it back to Alice.


“You two are not going on the hunt till you’ve gained experience, and that’s that.” Dominic finished. The four continued on their back to their village. Being followed by a shadow the whole way.



[spoiler=Chapter 2; KFC and Doom]

It was a bright and early morning. Several Aptonoths graze on a large open field. There were about 4, with a young one in the center. Farther away were three blue creatures. They resembled Velociraptors, but with a slim black crest, with a sliver of red. They had a black stripes running down vertically on their blue scales. They also had a yellow thin beak, but in closer inspection the beak is lined with sharp, razor thin teeth. The three eyed the pack of Aptonoths and screeched at each other. This was a fatal mistake as the Aptonoths quickly ran towards the forest.


The three Velociprey ran after them, but were not as fast. The Aptonoth’s had long legs, allowing them to cover more distance. The Velociprey stopped and looked at each other. As the Aptonoths reach the forest edge, they stopped and turned towards the Velociprey rearing up and slamming their legs down, as if to offend them.


The Velociprey just stared at them. As the Aptonoths turned around to head into the forest a louder, more powerful screech echoed through the forest. All at once the Aptonoths were hoarded by a pack of about 10 Velociprey. The young one managed to escape as the Velociprey ripped the Aptonoths to shreds. As they fell to the ground a large Velociprey stepped out of the forest. This one was about 3 times as bigger, and had a huge red crest. It was the alpha male. It screeched and the Velociprey joined in.




“Wait what?!”


“You heard what I said perfectly.”


The group of four were back at the village, relaxing under a large tree. Leo was standing in front of them, a confused expression on his face. Dom was just laying against the tree, arms behind his head, and his legs crossed. His eyes were closed as if he knew exactly what to say and do. Mai was lying on the grass a bit away from the tree. Alice was sleeping on one of it’s large branches.


“You know I can take this hunt…” Leo repeated, edged.


“This hunt is going to take place everywhere. In swamps, by volcanoes, deep inside mountains. Hell even here.” Dominic replied.


“So? This would be an awesome chance to learn about those types of terrains!”


“Fine. There’s the beginner’s entry contest by town. Enter it and if the judges think you’re good enough, you can enter.”


“Swe- Wait. Where is it exactly?”


“Somewhere in town.”


“Where though?”


“You’re a hunter go figure it out or something.”


Leo was about to say another word but was quickly dragged away by Mai.


“Sooooooooo… Ready?” Alice asked. She was awake now, and she laid her torso across the tree branch. Her hammer was at the foot of the tree, along with Dom’s lance. Dom jumped up from his position. He shook himself, as if to wake himself up. Turning around, he snagged his lance.


“Yea, let’s go.”


Alice nodded solemnly and jumped down, grabbing her hammer with ease and attaching it to her belt.


“Gypceros it is?” Alice moved towards Dom.


“Yup, unless you prefer Cephadrome?” Dominic bent down and grabbed a small yellow rock attached to his foot.


“Oh and Alice, take this whetstone.” He tossed her the whetstone. Alice caught it and put it and attached it to her waist.


“Cephadrome it is then?” Alice looked at Dom with an expression of excitement. After all, nothing is more fun than going to the desert and slaying land sharks.




Somewhere, farther away were Derek and Kevin. They were both deep in a jungle. Derek took the lead, and he slashed at the foliage in front of them with a machete. Kevin was behind him. Looking around for any wyverns or other creatures. Eventually they got to an open clearing with a large river running down towards the edge of the clearing. On the other side was more jungle. Derek’s mouth gaped open. Kevin raised an eyebrow. Standing in front of the river, was a Kut-Ku. A Kut-Ku is a wyvern, and is essentially the beginner wyvern. A Kut-Ku is basically a chicken. It had pinkish scales with a soft light pink underbelly. Its feet were 3 small talons and a whip like tail. It had two wings with wing claws. The wing webbing is blue in color. It has a long neck with a large beak at the end. Two demonish orange eyes stared at the foliage. Oddly enough, it had two sort of spikes jutting out of the back of its head. It lifted its head up and looked around. As it did this the two spikes spread outward, making a frill around the Kut-Ku’s head. The frill was actually an ear, as it turned around to face Kevin and Derek. It lowered its head and arched it back. It made an odd gurgling sound.


“Uh, Derek.”


“Yea, Kevin?”


“I think it’s taunting you.”


“What could it be saying?”


“I don’t know wyvernish but I’m guessing it has something to do with your mother.”


“Aww funk. I’m just gonna kill him and get over with it.”


Derek leapt forward and gripped the handle of his Katana. “Okay Kut-Ku! It’s time to die!”


Kevin facepalmed. “He doesn’t understand you…”


“Whatever!” Derek and the Kut-Ku started to circle each other. Derek was confident in his abilities with a tachi, and an overgrown chicken wasn’t going to scare him. Kevin pulled out his light bowgun. He held it like one of the mafia tommy guns. Grabbing some ammo from his belt, he inserted it in his bowgun.


The Kut-Ku then lunged forward at Derek. It ran as if it were drunk, shaking its head around and dropping fireballs here and there. Derek sidestepped and drew his tachi. Without hesitating, he stabbed it into the Kut-Ku’s wing. The Kut-Ku got up from the fall and spit a fireball at Derek’s direction. He quickly rolled to the side, and did an overhead cut at the Kut-Ku, and followed it up with a stab and an uppercut. He did a horizontal slash and jumped back. The Kut-Ku roared at Derek, and fire started to foam around its mouth. It spat fireballs blindly, hoping to hit Derek. Kevin smirked and aimed at the Kut-Ku’s revealed chest. Without hesitating he shot two bullets. Nothing happened after the shots were fired, but suddenly they exploded. The Kut-Ku gave one final roar and went limp.


“You’re kidding me.” Derek walked over to the dead body and kicked it a couple times.


“What?” Kevin also walked over to the body.


“We both did a lot of damage to it, so who gets it?” Derek asked.


“No clue. Suckish part is that one Kut-Ku is only good enough for one set of armor and weapon.” Kevin replied.


“Well, I’ll take it then.” Derek stabbed his tachi into the Kut-Ku like a flag.


“”Uh. Lolwut?” Kevin walked over and kicked the tachi out of the Kut-Ku.


“Well, I am the leader of this group.” Derek picked his tachi up and sheathed it.


“Since when?”


“Since we became partners.”


“Yea, I did that only because I needed someone to keep the Bullfangos away while I slay wyverns.”


Derek facepalmed.


“Look, I got the final hit so I should get the Kut-Ku.” Kevin stood atop the once proud beast.


“Fine… Atleast I won’t look gay...” Derek slumped down and away, going to find their Aptonoth cart.




Farther away from the jungle, a large mountain range surrounds the group’s village. A large canyon cuts through the mountain range, and passes by the village. However, this canyon isn’t merely the effect of the constant passing of water. It is also a passage. A passage for a great and mighty beast. The Lao-Shan Lung. Lao is a giant dragon, he is 1000 meters long and can destroy a town with ease. Lao travels through this canyon every decade to feast on minerals in the volcanic belt. Several Hunters barricade the canyon to see if they can slay the beast. As its armor is highly prized by hunters. However, this year, Lao is much faster. He seems to break through large rocks and walls with ease. As if it was running from something. Rumors reports that it could be a new creature… Much larger than Lao. If there is something larger than Lao, than it might spell doom to the world of Minegarde.




[spoiler=Bird Wyverns]

Bird Wyverns are wyverns that are ancestral to birds. They usually have beaks (Gypceros is an exception to this)and are small in size compared to other wyverns . They often move and attack in a distinctly chicken-like manner. They are faster than standard wyverns due to their small size. Raptor-like monsters such as the Velociprey are part of the Bird Wyverns because of their close ancestry to birds.

[spoiler=Raptorial Bird Wyverns]

[spoiler=Velocidrome & Velociprey]


Velociprey are a very common raptor-like species. They have blue scales with black stripes, and a dull red and black monocrest on the top of their heads. These carnivorous creatures travel in packs and inhabit many different landscapes. They have a larger, more ferocious leader named the Velocidrome. An experienced hunter should have no trouble dealing with them, though a new hunter will have some trouble against these fierce opponents. Velociprey are capable of leaping great distances, making them difficult to flee from, especially when delivering eggs and large ores.





[spoiler=Avian Bird Wyverns]

[spoiler=Yian Kut-Ku]


The Yian Kut-Ku is a fire-breathing bird wyvern. It is rather small compared to other wyverns. They inhabit the Forest and Hills, Jungle, and Swamps. They resemble giant chickens, in manner and form. Yian Kut-Ku are the weakest of the boss wyverns, and many hunters defeat the Kut-Ku as their first wyvern. While experienced hunters have no challenge in defeating it, first-timers will have difficulty due to the Kut-Ku's speed. They are belligerent towards hunters, and use their fire attacks and pecks to defend their territory. When they become endangered, they run away immediately. The most sensitive part of their body is their ears, which can be affected by various items which emit loud noises. They are weak against weapons with ice element. Their abilities are weaker compared to other monsters, and many times leave themselves open to attack. They often become enraged and fly away. They are comparatively stronger than other small sized monsters. After a while, they will start to limp and try to fly away. This can be stopped with a Sonic Bomb. As one can assume from their highly developed ears, Yian Kut-Kus have great hearing. Their ears are effective for hearing prey and enemies outside their range of sight, but because of their over-sensitivity, they are also vulnerable to explosive sounds. There are three ways to expose them to explosive sounds:sonic bombs, barrel bombs, and Crag/Cluster Shots. Dizzied Upon hearing a loud sound, Yian Kut-Ku's are stunned and become open to attack, but will become enraged once the dizziness subsides. Enough attacks to the head will break the ears. Also, an injured Yian Kut-Ku no longer is susceptible to explosive sounds as its ears are broken.








Herbivores are weak monsters that eat vegetation from grass or trees instead of hunting for meat. They are usually docile monsters which may attack or run away if threatened. They range in many different sizes and species. Although they are all in the same group, many of the species are not closely related to each other.

[spoiler=Saurian Herbivores]



The Aptonoth is a common dinosaur-like Herbivore with dark grey skin and black stripes along its back. It has one large horn/plate on its head. These weak monsters pose no threat to hunters. Aptonoths are at the bottom of the food chain. They are always killed by hunters and other creatures. They are always slayed for their meat. They are the primary target for beginners' first quest. They are carved two times, you can get a raw meat or their bones (sold for 10z). They always go in herds eating plants and walking around. Most of them leave the area when attacked but some of them will attacked when they are provoked much like their alpha. They also leave when a boss monster enters the area. Aptonoths are the weakest monsters of all. they don't even give much damage to hunters with no armor equipped and beginners don't worry about it. However, their species are used by some humans for transportation and delivery and they make a good steed since they don't attack much people.




[spoiler=Mammalian Herbivores]



Kelbi are small deer-like creatures that prance around on grassy plains. These minions are very timid in nature, but will charge a hunter if provoked. Kelbi have brown to green fur coats, with peach or gray spots. Kelbi are very weak and cause little damage. A single hit with most weapons will kill them.










I will also be accepting characters. So if you want, pm me for the application.


Note that my writing is a bit rusty, and I will most likely update once a week.

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