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First Deck Post


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I just thought I should post a deck I made. I don't have the greatest cards but I worked with what I got. I haven't been to a tournament but I thinking of going.


Warrior Synchro Deck:



Speed Warrior x1

Maruding Captain x2

Princess of Tsuguri x1

Warrior of Zera x1

Ghost Gardna x1

Warrior Lady of the Wasteland x1

Giant Rat x1

Command Knight x1

Stone Statue of the Aztecs x1

Dark Blade x1

Gilford the Legend x1

Swift Gaia the Feirc Knight x1

Elemental Hero Bladedge x1

Junk Synchron x1

Magna Drago x1

Tune Warrior x1

Frequency Magician x1

Water Spirit x1



Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Synchro Blast Wave x1

Moster Reborn x1

Axe of Despair x1

Double Summon x1

Nobleman of Crossout x1

Fusion Sword Murasame Blade x1

The Warrior Returning Alive x2

Gaia Power x1

Sheild & Sword x1

Reinforcement of the Army x1

Lightning Blade x1

Symbols of Duty x1

Reload x1

Malevolent Nuzzler x1

Synchronized Realm x1



Magical Cylinder x1

Compulsory Evacuation Device x1

Synchro Deflector x1

Magic Jammer x1

Dust Tornado x1

Gift of the Mystical Elf x1

Trap Jammer x1

Solemn Wishes x1

Rope of Life x1

Miniaturize x1

Divine Wrath x1


Extra Deck(3)

Colossal Fighter x1

Junk Warrior x1

Gaia the Force of the Earth x1


Not the best Duelist, just want to see what you guys think.

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dude its not bad if u no how to use it and if been to 4 tornaments so believe me.ok let me show u my deck


41cards + 6 synchro monsters



2 comrade swordsman of landstar

2 quillbolt edgehog

1 old vindictive magician

1 mask of darkness

1 breaker the magical warrior

1 turbo synchron

1 ghost gardna

1 snipe hunter

1 sangan

1 psychic jumper

1 junk synchron

1 nitro synchron

1 shield warrior

1 marshmallon

1 catapult turtle

1 master gig

1 stardust dragon/assault mode


12 traps

1 draining sield

1 confusion chaff

1 torrential tribute

1 trap stun

1 assault mode activate

1 magic cylinder

1 synchro strike

1 waboku

1 level retuner

1 battle mania

1 trap hole

1 sakuretsu armor


10 spells


1 brain control

1 lightning vortex

1 dark core

1 swords of revealing light

1 monster reborn

1 giant trunade

1 mist body

1 card rotator

1 heavy storm


6 synchro monsters

1 nitro warrior

1 turbo warrior

1 junk warrior

1 gaia knight the force of earth

1 colossal fighter

1 stardust dragon

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Thanks guys, just wanted to see if this deck was any good. Eventually I'll post a new deck that actually has a stradegy.


robert- just saying, I don't even have half the cards you just posted.


constructor- the idea is to use the summoning cards to synchro summon and then use boost attack. After I posted this I realized that this stradegy isn't that great...

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armadiloz idc wat u just said becuase u probably suck anyway so........ o well


Thanks for the positive criticism...

I know I'm not that great, I quickly put this deck together. If I wanted to I could probably make a deck that is good, I just wanted to see if this one was any good.


If a moderator is reading this I would like this thread locked please.

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