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Awesome Ritual Dragon cards LOOK NOW!!


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everything's okay just 1 problem, why are do the Vanillas have Effects. BTW there's a slider that starts out with normal written in it when you open the card maker, click on it and right under normal it should say effect click on that to make it an effect monster. OCG needs improvement, though i can understand what you mean.


Rating: 6/10

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Horrific OCG' date=' you've made Normal Monsters with effects, the names make no sense, don't make Normal Monsters.

Work on these a lot.





lol. :lol: Number 1, LVs are meant to represent Levels. Lv1 can't be 4, 2 can't be 6, etc. OCG is bad as said by Max Darkness. I'll give you a 2.5/10. Sorry. :(

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