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My own Created Yugioh Series: Yugioh MG


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Its really all about this kid named Charu Mayu Named after me of course(not my real name just like a yugioh version of it) and hes basically this unknown duelists that is actully the very best in his city. The site is Lower Section A run down dirty city. He is kicked out after being caught stealing a card called Exxod, Master of The Gaurd, this card is his main card. Well eventually The Dark Yugi comes to him in a dream and duels him, Charu wins and He present Charu with the 5 pices of exxodia,He has to defeat this gain called The Black Duelists. They have cards that are real monsters and cant be destroyed: These cards are called Life Cards. They can only be destroyed by other Live Cards: That is what its about. this seris features the duelists of the 1st season


More to continue: Plz omment if i should add episodes


Heres my first episode i made LINK REMOVED

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