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[SELF DRAWN] Neo Air Valkyrie by NickLD


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I think you should replace by with in.

Try comparing your card to real cards to make sure your OCG is written well.


um no. its by, not in. i am assuming ur refferring to "by battle". that is the way its written.

i do compare my cards to real cards. the OCG on this card is flawless so far.

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drawing is fabulous. OCG needs a little bit of work. 8/10

actually' date=' the OCG on this card is spot-on lol. no errors.


Th effect is a little plain but very useful. I like the pic. 9.5/10

thx! :D


"drawing is perfect" is still ringing in my ears...thanks! xD

can u point out the OCG errors?


well I've yet to find a drawing you made I dislike. Always wondered how you did it.


lol, thx ragnarok! ^_^

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