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This is my current deck.

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My deck has no real theme and I'll take any suggestios to help my deck.


Monsters: 22

Archfiend Soldier

Green Gadget

Red Gadget

Yellow Gadget

Marauding Captain

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Maha Vailo

Jowls of Dark Demise

Penguin Soldier

Yomi Ship

Stone Statue of the Aztecs


Regenerating Mummy

The Creator Incarnate

Handcuffs Dragon

The Tricky

Cyber Dragon x2

Beast King Barbaros

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

The Creator

Ancient Gear Golem


Spells: 11

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon

Nobleman of Crossout

Malevolent Nuzzler

Axe of Despair

Lightning Vortex

Soul Exchange

Gravekeeper’s Servant

Swords of Revealing Light

Enemy Controller

Magical Mallet


Traps: 7

Solemn Wishes

Blast with Chain

Dust Tornado

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

Shadow Spell

Draining Shield

Sakuretsu Armor

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