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[align=center]Well, my sister got loads of new DS games (totalling 9 games). I only have 5 games, plus a broken Pokemon Diamond game. My dad said he'll take me to GameStop to get me a DS game(s). He also said I could trade in some old games I don't play anymore to maybe get me a few more. However, I have no idea what to get. So, if you can give me good ideas for some games, that'll be great. Thanks! :D

Here's some stuff I'm interested in:

Final Fantasy,


RPG Games,


Anything That Has An Interesting Concept,

and Action Games.


But I can look into new stuff aswell. Give any suggestions. Again, thanks!


[spoiler=Games I currently Own]

The World Ends With You,

GTA: Chinatown Wars,

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass,

Brain Age 2 (my family gave it to me),

Pokemon Diamond (broke)


Don't say any of these games (except maybe Diamond).


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The pokemon games.

Mario Kart DS

New Super Mario and the Mario RPGs game

Mega Man Black Ace

Scribblenauts (when it comes out)

Yoshi's Island DS

FF games

Phantom Hourglass

Chrono Trigger

Mario Party DS


That should be more then enough games. If you want more go to gamespot and look up their top rated DS game.



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