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I will give you a cookie if you take a look. (WC 09)


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That was waaaayyy bigger than I thought it would be... Oh well.



3x Cyber Valley

3x Junk Synchron

3x Nitro Synchron

3x QB HH

1x Sangan

3x Tuningware



1x Brain

1x CoSR

2x De-synchro (Will probably take one out for another LV)

2x Foolish

1x Storm

2x IRS

1x LV

2x Machine Dupe

2x Mind Control

1x Reborn

1x MST

2x PoA

1x RotA



2x Graceful Revival

2x Roar

1x Mirror


Extra Deck

1x Catastor

2x Armory Arm

1x BRD

1x Brionic

1x Colossal Fighter

1x DSF

1x Gaia

1x Goyo

1x Mist Worm

2x Nitro Warrior

1x RDA

1x SDD

1x TRA


I threw it together really fast but it seems to work very well.

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Manly' date=' scarf wearing[/b'] synchro fodder is manly. Very good, but not sure about what to add/neg.


lol, might want to make a title change. It attracts attention, but is wierd. Anyway, I think


-2 PoA


+1 Machine Dupe

+1 Mind Control


Either way, PoA at 2 is risky, and more field control is good.

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I have updated the deck... I still need room for a Future Fusion though...Maybe:


-1 Foolish

+1 Future Fusion


Machine dupe was cloggy at three...


I have been contemplating adding another mind control...


PoA is a must in this.


Still' date=' don't you want the QBs and stuff for CosR and synchroing?



That's why I usually don't return QB's... It's mainly for recycling my junk synchrons and two of my tuningwares so I can use machine dupe or IRS again...

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