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Transformers Contest....


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Just create a card from the Transformers series.





1. No. Da**. Spam.

2. Try not to make vanillas.



1st - 3 Reps

2nd - 2 Reps

3rd - 1 Rep


The contestents:

1. The Devaštatør

2. Gundamblast

3. liljbey

4. joey5700

5. The Flying Platypus

6. kristoferjm

7. Metavosis

8. elementdragondivine

9. jacoby746

10. Bengal

11. Poisonedbite






We will need at least 10 people.


The Judges:

1. Me

2. Akoolgie800







Picture: Out of 10

Effect: Out of 20

Balence: Out of 30

OCG: Out of 40

So basiclly ?/100




End date: I was thinking about.... August 13.


(No entry fee)


If there is any questions, PM me.

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Lore: FLIP: Increase the ATK and DEF of this card

by 100 Points for all cards on the field excluding

"Autobot- Sideswipe" until the opponent's next

End Phase. When this card is sent to the Graveyard,

Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Machine-Type

Monster from your hand or Deck.

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"Bonecrusher - Constructicon Bulldozer" + "Scavenger - Constructicon Excavator" + "Scrapper - Constructicon Engineer" + "Hook - Surgical Engineer" + "Long Haul - Transporter" + "Mixmaster - Constructicon Concrete Mixer"

This card can only be Fusion Summoned with the Fusion Material Monsters above. This card cannot be Special Summoned by except by paying 1500 Life Points, if this card inflicts 1000 damage or higher to your opponent, destroy all cards on the field.[/align]


Advanced holo and special name glow credit to ♥ ЅϯᵲåώӀӞ℮ᴙʀɣ−ɴɨɨ−ƈħåɴ ♥.

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My card: Primus



[spoiler=Lore]This card can only be Summoned by removing from play 3 Machine-Type monsters on the field or in your Graveyard, and by Tributing at least 1(up to 3) monster with "Transformer" in its name. For each "Transformer" you Tribute, you may activate one of the following effects:

-For 1 Tribute: Select one DARK monster on the field and destroy it.

-For 2 Tributes: Remove from play 1 DARK monster on the field.

-For 3 Tributes: Select up to 3 cards on the field and remove them from play.


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Guest kristoferjm

Here's my entry:

Soundwave - Decepticon Communications Officer




[spoiler=Card Lore]As long as this card is in Attack Position, your opponent must play with their deck flipped upside down. If this card is in Defense Position, your opponent must play with their hand revealed. If this card changes Battle Position, the owner must discard one card from their hand.


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[spoiler=Lore]When this card is successfully Summoned, you can discard 1 card from your hand to add 1 "Decepticon-Megatron The Leader" from your Deck to your hand. Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 Machine-Type monster or Beast-Warrior-Type monster to Special Summon 1 monster that has "Decepticon" on it's name except "Decepticon-Scorponok The Scorpion Robot". As long as this card is remains face-up on the field, the controller of this card must attack monsters that has "Autobot" on it's name.


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This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Tributing 2 Level 6 or higher Machine-Type monsters. This card cannot attack the turn it's Special Summoned. When this card is Special Summoned, destroy all other cards on the field. If this car attacks, your opponent cannot activate Spell or Trap Cards until the end of the Damage Step. When this card is destroyed, Special Summon 1 "Unicron Token" (Machine-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 800). It cannot declare an attack.

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I will enter. Here is my card:


Megatron, Annihilation Incarnate




This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned from your hand, Deck or Graveyard when you control 2 or more face-up Machine-Type monsters. By discarding 1 card from your hand, you can destroy 1 face-down Defense Position monster on your opponent's field. If the monster is a Machine-Type, treat it as an Equip Spell Card and equip it to this card. You can return the equipped monster to your opponent's hand to negate the activation of a Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. When this card is destroyed by battle, return it to the bottom of your Deck.

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