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HI i love toon cards and was wondering wot other people would have for card for their toon decks



so thats my first idea for supporting the toon world and monsters do you think ive overpowerd it or have i made big enough costs for the second set of functions??

when this card is played check the feild for the spell card toon world if that card is on the feild the player who played that card restores their life points by 2000 if a toon monster attacks while this card is face up on the feild the player who controls that toon monster restors 500 life points instead of losing them if toon world is on the feild is targeted by a spell trap or monster effect pay half youre life points to nagate that card and destroy it if this card is targeted by a spell trap or monster effect take five cards from the top of youre deck and put them in to the graveyard to nagate and destroy that card


this is what the card does if you cant read it

i was thinking of some syncro summoning action for the toons but i would not know where to start with that what do yall think about that??



ok here the support for those tuner monsters i mentioned not centain how to do those syncros and tuners so feel free to post some ideas:)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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