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Pride Shout [DMU]


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Pride Shout (40)


Monsters (16)


3x A Cat of Ill Omen

2x Big Shield Gardna

1x Destiny Hero - Defender

2x Exxod, Master of the Guard

3x Guardian Sphinx

2x Royal Magical Library

1x Sangan

2x Soul Tiger


Spells (11)


1x Arms Hole

1x Giant Trunade

1x Monster Reborn

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Secret Pass to the Treasures

3x Shooting Star Bow - Ceal

1x Trade-In


Traps (13)


3x Pride Shout

3x Threatening Roar

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrential Tribute

3x Waboku

2x Zero Sprite

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Interesting' date=' but Exxod is a dead draw considering it's at 3 and only has 2 targets.



Exxod is LV8. Need I say more?


Trade-in food? That's BS. You need more targets. Put the deck at 40, and raise guardian to 3.


I already know about the decksize problem, and there's no need to call it BS. >.>


+Arms Hole

+Shooting Star Bow - Ceal



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Destiny Hero - Defender? 2700 def and it's a 4 star' date=' and since it shouldn't be in DEF, it's effect shouldn't be a draw back



It has 100 ATK. >.> It can only do anything with Shoting Star Bow - Ceal equipped.


It can work, what do I neg?

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Maybe neg a Royal Library and a Royal Gate? And I'd find a way to add a second Ceal Bow as adding more Ceal Bows would allow you more monsters to use.


Agreed, but this deck is cramped for space as-is, so I can't add more Bows until I cut to 40 and figure out what to remove after that.


I'm going to dump the TToC engine, as it would make it a low enough amount. I'll add some more Star Bows, but what other monsters can be used here?

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Charcoal Inpachi, Renge, Gatekeeper of the Darkworld, Big Shield Gardna, and other monsters with insanely high def, 4>=, and have less than 1000 atk.


First off, I know Wall has 3k def and 0 atk, but it's a sacrifice :/ neg all of them. Guardian Sphinx is good because it can keep your opponent's field clear, even if it doesn't have less than 1k, definaly keep, but maybe neg 1 for 2 of them. Neg Castle Gate, sacrifice =/= good


-3 Labyrinth Wall

-1 Castle Gate

-2 Ancient Rules


+2 Ceal Bow

+1 Arms Hole

+1-2 Big Shield Gardna (?, if you need more monsters)


and that should do it.


Chorus of Sancuarty may be worth figuring out how to add. +500 def, even if it's only to def position monsters, is good for a turn or two of stall if they use Heavy or Mystical your equip. It gives cards like Soul Tiger, DH - Defender, and the other monsters godly def.

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