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My Shop (looking for employees)


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okay, I'm pretty new to making a shop, but I'm selling images. If you describe what you want, I'll make an image of it.



[spoiler=stuff I'm selling]

images for 5 points (generally useful for RPs that require images(they're cheap because I'm not the greatest at making images))





[spoiler=for employees]

[spoiler=for people who want to become an employee]

basically, PM me if you want to join, along with a starting fee of 50 points, and a list of things you can do, and prices for them. From then on, you get points depending on how many points your services make.



employees get most of the points that I make from their services.






[spoiler=how to buy something]

select what you want, who is offering it, and how many you want, and PM me the info.





1: no swearing

2: normal rules apply

3: no adverts (except maybe adverts for this shop. Heh Heh)





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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