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I hope the title attracted you. ;)


So I was at the store today and I buy some Orbit Mist (It's new and I was very curious). I open the pack and pop a piece in. It was just like regular gum!


Discuss disappointments in your life (perhaps this thread is one of them?!?).




k3w1 $t0ry, Br0. :-D


It's basically regular gum. I was quite disappointed as well. There's flavor crystal things which are supposed to enhance the flavor, but my taste buds did not experience the enhancement. It was still fairly bland. :-( Damn you, Orbit.


The only gum I chew is Stride. Forever Fruit & Sweet Mint = Greatest flavors known to mankind. Plus, Stride's flavor really does last for hours.

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Dunno if you guys have ever tasted Center Shock, or if it's even available near you, but I can tell you that it's uber tasteful.


Wait, this wasn't the topic, was it? o.0



Well, I almost never expect too much from anything, so that the disappointment is as low as possible.

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5gum looks cool! Can someone buy me a pack?


Anyway, this is the most dissappointing moment of my life. At school, we went on a field trip (which they all suck,) and we went to an African American Museum. They had a special King Tut exhibit, and we were going to see it. There were pepole talking about the exhibit, saying how cool it was, and talking about the super awesome mummified body of KING TUT?!?!? This made me really excited, and the rest of the grade was excited too. Anyway, when we got in the room, everyone was disappointed. The so -called "mummy" was one foot tall. 2 inches wide, and looked like it was made of paper and plastic.


That was so pathetic. If there were so many pepole raving about how cool it was, you'd think they would actually have the real one. Nope. We are too lazy. We'll just make one with, paper and plastic, and we'll make it 4x smaller then then a real mummy. And in a different museum, I've seen a mummy, so I know what one looks like and how big it is.


That field trip and that museum = Epic Fail.

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Oh dear. I seems that those pesky moderators have changed the title of my thread. I wonder if it's because it was religiously offensive? If they changed it because it was misleading then I demand that they change the name of Clariex's current thread in the polls section. =/



Meh, whatever. At least they didn't lock it.



Which handstanding' date=' bleedlicking and duckfighting nub reported this thread of awesomeness???>=0

I'm now disappointed of the nubs here.



Seriously. This thread is now a disappointment.

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