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cheats, glitches and easter eggs


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In every game there are cheats, glitches and easter eggs so I made this thread to share your secrets and wierd gaming moments.


I'll start off with the obvious,

in zelda ocarina of time go to zelda's castle as young link look through the window to the right (I think) and you should see pictures of mario.

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what does the mm1 pause trick do.


When you use a certain weapon (I believe it was the elec beam), pause the game as soon as it hits a robot. Then rapidly unpause and pause over and over. The beam will continuously hit the enemy, allowing for rapid defeat. Works really well against the Yellow Devil.

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[spoiler=Halo 3 easter eggs][align=center]The boat on the storm has a Pirate Poster

On 2 trees in Sierra 117 there are carving of a heart with letters

Cavemen on Sierra 117 look like a Bungie employee. (face)

On High Ground when you look at a computer, you'll see Cortana for a split second.

The Da Vinci code egg in the Forerunner towers.

On Epitaph you can hear a organ playing the beginning of the Halo Theme.

The face of a Bungie employee on the moon.

Jerkstore grunt right before jumping onto Forward unto Dawn.

Flipyap is mentioned with the IWHBYD skull: "You killed Flipyap! Or Yapflip, was he... It was Yapflip... No, Flipyap is his brother. Don't tell me I don't know Flipyap! Flipyap and I went to Nipple Academy together! And.... and now he's dead..."

—A Grunt

Half-naked guy on Halo.

You can hear Halo music on High Ground computer room.

Theres 4 easter eggs in Crow's Nest having to do with jumping on a pelican, finding half a pelican with a Marathon logo in it, and a frozen Pelican under the cliff outside.

You can hear Microsoft Sam on The Covenant standing somewhere on the Citadel.

There's a Missing Person Poster of Jason Jones in Floodgate.

In Crow's Nest there is a RvB easter egg of a marine that doesn't have the password.

There are 3 reversed messages, don't really understand how they work though.

Hidden Blood on the Ark, not really a big easter egg.

There's a hippo in the garbage on Foundry. (on Halo: CE the Hippo is on the shotgun shell, lol)

SABABWL is an ancronym from Marty O'donnel that is about grunts:shiny and bumpy and bursting with love!

If you use the out of sky bubble glitch you can see a warning sign on a forerunner tower.

There's a secret marine on the mountain on the Covenant.

There's a secret room on the Ark.

There's a secret room on the Covenant.

You can hear the song Siege of Madrigal on the Citadel.

There's a suicidal Marine on Floodgate. If you shoot him in the leg slightly, he'll stand up but not do anything.

There's a peeing brute on the Ark, you just have to remember not to wake up the grunts.

On Valhalla, on certain dates there's a marking on the wall:

* January 1st (New Year's Day): Make Love Not War

* April 22nd (Earth Day): A skull with a recycling sign.

* May 5th (Cinco De Mayo): Toady Was Live!

* July 4th: BBQ at Bob's Place (This is a reference to Marathon in which you kill BOBs or BOB-B-Qing)

* July 7th (Bungie Day): Seventh Column Symbol.

* October 31st (Halloween): A grave stone that says RIP(Rest In Peace).

* November 11th (Veteran's Day): Kilroy Was Here.

* December 25th (Christmas): A Christmas light with an X on it.



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[spoiler=Infinate Gold Skulltullas]Required items: Song of Storms, Bombs, Boomerang

Go to Hyrule Castle as Young Link. Head up to the bend in the moat next to the tree and play the Song of Storms. A hole should appear. Drop down it. Blow up the walls until you find a Gold Skulltulla. Kill it but DO NOT GRAB THE SKULLTULLA TOKEN! Move so that you're standing right next to the exit light beam thing. Now, pull out your boomerang. Aim it at the Skulltulla token and let it fly. Before it comes back to you, do a backflip into the light. When the screen goes blank as the game transitions to Hyrule Castle, you should see the "You got the Gold Skulltula Token" text bubble appear. When you check your status screen, you should have 1 more token than you did before. If you go back down the hole, then you should see another Gold Skulltulla in the same spot. If you do, then it worked. If not, then you'll have to re-start your play session. I would reccomend saving after each successful token aquire.


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In gun there's a glitch where you can blow all the limbs off of the dead guy standing in the coffin and his corpse will float. There's another one i can't remember which mission but someone kills 2 people in the cutscene and they're corpses are still there kneeling with no heads they disappear shortly after.

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There is a hidden Macro for Magic Training in Runescape. My cousin showed this to me.


Equip a Staff (Any Element. Preferably Air) and a Full Suit of METAL Armor (Helm, Plate, Legs, and Shield. Non-Metal Armor like Leather or Granite won't work.)


Go down into Lumbridge Basement (The easiest location) and begin casting on a Spider. For some weird reason, with the way you're equipped, your Spells will NEVER HIT. However, even when you miss, you recieve Magic xp. And at this point, the Spider will never hit you either. So you can train on a Level 1 Spider and level up very easily.


As for normal games, I recall a Password for MegaMan X where you start at the first stage with your Health Bar cut in half and there is some glitch with your buster or something.


I know so many glitches in games that I could create a Harry Potter-sized book of them.

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In Stardust Accelerator' date=' if you have Action Replay, you can get all opponents, max DP, all cards, ect.


In the GH Series, you press a few notes that gamefaqs tells you to and you unlock some sweet crap. XD



Unless it's Unlock everything, then it's a lot of notes.

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The Disapeering Koopa


Game: Super Mario 64 DS

Level: Level 1: Bob-omb Mountain or something <_<

What you will need: Activation of flying cap.


Go to level where you race Koopa. Get the flying cap with Mario. Stand far away from Koopa. Run and jump once, and jump twice. On your third jump, make sure it is near Koopa, but not near enough where you stop jumping and talk to him. You should take off. Now land at the finish line. Now the message should come up for a race. Say "Go". He disapeers, and you never get the star until you reset the stage.

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Oh yeah! There is this really random glitch I expirienced in MegaMan 2.


I dunno how, but while fighting Bubbleman, I wen't up against the right wall and fired my buster into the wall and then suddenly, I heard the boss door noise and I went through the wall! I went into this weird glitched room. There is a random ladder in it but you can't use it. You can also still hear Bubbleman firing stuff. Also, I shot a random Metal Blade into Bubbleman's room off screen and it actually hit him XD


Here is a COMPLETELY EPIC glitch I found in Sonic 3 just recently!


It requires you have Super Sonic by Level 2....so it's easier to do this after a first clear game unless you're an Emerald Whore.


I'll just tell what happened to me.


I was Super Sonic by the time I got to the part in Hydrocity Zone - Act 2 where Knuckles breaks the bridge below, right before Eggman's fight.


When I got to the bottom floor, I pushed up against the left wall and then started running very fast. RIGHT before the Eggman fight started, I jumped and Sonic someone went pseudo Hyper Sonic and he jumped VERY far...farther than normal. So much so that I BROKE THE GAME and skipped the fight! I pressed the switch on the awkward looking animal capsule thingy to finish the stage. Immediately, I noticed something strange. When you do that, Sonic should revert to normal. He didn't. Also, when it said "Sonic has cleared Act 2" the word "Sonic" suddenly became a bunch of glitched symbols. Then the words went away and the level just stayed. I didn't go to Stage 3. Sonic just stood there (Still Super Sonic) and the music stopped too. All you could hear is Eggman firing at nothing like he's a blind soldier.


Needless to say, that was THE COOLEST glitch I ever saw....and I found it completely on accident!!!

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Their's a pack glich in YGX: Spirit Caller.


put 1 pack into your shopping card cart (not litteraly). go to diffrent pack. get all of them. then go to another random pack and hit R then L. you'll have 20-51 packs for only 150 DP. I tried it on WC09, but it didn't work...

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