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Yugioh 5D's Fan Fic - Need Characters Sneak Peak 2 Posted up toPG16


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Currently Accepting OC's

I need inf good characters!

inf evil characters!

1 arch enemy!

up to 7 dark signer

Tied to the 5D's world

You can PM me characters if you want


Here's what the design sheet should look like:


Nickname (optional)_________________




Bio (optional)___________________


Duel Spirit(s) (optional)______________________________

Signature Card_______________________________


Duel Runner (optional)______________________________

Turbo Duel Deck (optional)_____________________


Custom cards allowed you should show pic so I can describe it

If I like your character I might make him/her a signer or a dark signer

Deck does not have to follow tournament rules

You can make any spell a speed spell I will choose the speed counters you need to have/give up to use it


Also add the character description and if he/she is a bad guy or a good guy

*note this takes place after the 5D's series

If your character is my fave good character he/she will be my rival If it's my fave evil character it will be my characters arch enemy

I might edit your character


“I can’t wait until that Moonlight Dragon’s in my hands!” Alkumo added, turning his attention to his skinny little friend who was more concentrated on the duel than he was on what Alkumo was saying.

“Dude, would you listen for once?” Alkumo spoke once more, this time raising his voice. He started moving around through the bushes because he looked at Josh, who made an expression that told he grew suspicion.


“Calm down. This duel is awesome! He just Sacrificed, Blowback Dragon, along with Arcane Apprentice to summon Moonlight Dragon! Josh is finished!” They both stopped speaking and gazed at the spot where Moonlight Dragon (2500/3500) was summoned. In the spot stood a silver spiked armored, blue energy winged dragon with a neon blue tail.

"That dragon gives me the creeps! Are you sure you want it Al?" Jeffrey said in a frightened, but playful voice.


"Yes I'm sure I want it, what do you expect? For me to miss out on a chance to get one of the greatest cards!" Alkumo responded, as he sounded angry that Jeffrey asked that question.

They both turned they're heads back to the duel only to find that the duel was over and Kale looking at Moonlight Dragon as he smiled.


"Oh yeah, Josh. Good duel. I thought I was over until I saw that you pulled a dead draw." Kale had stated, walking up to Josh.


"Thanks man, you too. And I guess I wasn't lucky because of-" Josh had stopped speaking and forcefully dropped his head down at Moonlight Dragon. Josh and Kale found themselves laughing.


"You're both really unlucky because I'm taking that!" Al shouted, pushing Kale down with one hard shove. When Josh tried to pull back Alkumo away from Kale, Jeffrey had already kicked him behind his leg. Well... that's what it seemed like from Kale's point of view on the floor. But looking from the best point of view, you can see Josh laughing with Alkumo and Jeffrey.


Kale looked down at his hand to find an empty, pale hand with no Moonlight Dragon in it's grip.

"Wait where's my Moonlight Dragon?"


"Oh you mean this?" Josh said, flipping over a card in his hand that revealed to be Moonlight Dragon.


"Hey! You'll pay for that! Big time!" Kale got up and swung back his fist to launch it at Josh's face, but it was grabbed by Alkumo and then twisted behind his back.


Alkumo pushed him to the ground and started laughing. He stopped all of a sudden and turned to Josh. Josh had spoken before Alkumo had,

"So, where's the cash?" Josh yelled at Alkumo.


"Right here." Alkumo said, holding out a wad of cash with a rubber band securing it tight. But before Josh took it, he was tackled to the floor by Jeffrey.

"I said you'll pay!" Kale shouted out, loud enough for people to come outside and see what was happening. But before anyone saw what was happening, Kale started giving Josh blows to the face that whipped out his pale skin tone, which was replaced with a red face because of all that blood rushing to his big bruise he had gotten on the side of his lip because of one of the punches.

"Take that! And that! And-" Kale shouted once more, as a man walked by. But that wasn't the reason why Kale had stopped. Alkumo had lifted him up off the ground and started to hold him back.

"Let me go!" Kale screamed to draw the man's attention.


"I see we have a whiny little b**** here here don't we." Alkumo said as he gave Jeffrey the signal to come punch Kale with his head.


"I'm gonna beat the heck out of you!" Jeffrey shouted, kneeing Kale to the chest several times then giving him blows to the face with his fists.

"How! - Does that! - Feel!" Jeffrey said, when he grabbed Kale's face, kneeing him to the face after every pause in his speech to build up strength.


Kale was already bleeding to the face then anyone had expected to be in the first place. He was messed up, he got a black right eye, a bruised cheek, and a busted top and bottom lip.

"We're not finished! We're not even close f***ing to finished!" Josh yelled as he got up to beat up Kale even more.


"Yeah you are!" a voice said, which appeared to be the man that was walking by.

He grabbed Josh and pulled him back, slamming him to the floor. Jeffrey pulled his arm back to give him a big punch and at the same time, Alkumo let go of Kale but instead of fighting the thug he picked up Moonlight Dragon that Josh dropped when he was slammed on the floor and put the wad of cash and Moonlight Dragon in his pocket and ran! The classy looking like stranger, blocked the attack of Jeffrey with the back of his right forearm and decked Jeffrey in the face, knocking him out with one punch. When he did that the others ran off.

"Now you need to watch yourself out there." The man said.

"Wait you seem familiar, what's your name?"

"Don't you remember? My name's-"


You guys probably know who the man is if not the man is......

You should know who he was

I did not write it i just posted it

here's the pic of moonlight if it wasn't described enough

[spoiler=moonlight dragon]360159.jpg


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Name: Alkumo Tisunami (grand son of Mayko Tisunami from the origional anime)

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Description: A normal kid w/ blond long hair who wears a blue shirt and seafoam green shorts.

Bio: An orphaned kid who got a misterous package on his 8th birth day from his grandpa who he had never met, a deck and a duel disk. He is often influenced to do the wrong thing and help the dark signers by his duel spirit.

Personality: Mesterious, Sad, Lonely

Duel Spirit: Nightmare Penguin

Signature Card: Nightmare Penguin

Evil until half way when he figures out he was hurting people, then he goes good

Deck: Ice Ocean (Penguin and a few other Aqua cards and spells that focus on DEF)

Duel Runner: None

Turbo Duel Deck: None

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Name: Josh Matthews

Gender: Male

Age: 17



Bio: As a kid he was raised by his parents as an only child. At the age of 10 he was given some cards from Yugi Moto to kick start his career. These cards were "Dark Magician", "Dark Magician Kid", "Dark Magician Lady" and "Amoured Dark Magician". Ever since he has been collecting cards to enhance his deck.

Personality: Out going, Jaden like.

Duel Spirit: Armoured Dark Magician

Signature Card: Dark Magician

[spoiler=Deck List]


Lv 1-4 (19)


Dark Magician Lady X2 [CUSTOM]

Skilled Dark Magician X2

Skilled White Magician X2

Old Vindictive Magician X2

D.D. Warrior Lady X2

Masaki the Legendary Swordsman X1

Flame Manipulator X1

Magician of Faith X2

Magician's Valkyria X1

Double Coston X1

Breaker the Magical Warrior X2

Dark Magician Kid X1 [CUSTOM]


Lv 5-6 (2)


Dark Magician Girl X1

Chaos Command Magician X1


Lv 7+ (4)


Mirage Knight X1

Dark Magician Knight X1

Dark Magician X1

Buster Blader X1




Armored Dark Magician X1 [CUSTOM]




Dark Paladin X1

Flame Swordsman X1

Dark Flare Knight X1




Dark Magic Curtain X1

Sage's Stone X1

Thousand Knives X1

Pot of Greed X1

Polymerization X2

Knight's Title X1

Monster Reborn X1

Double Spell X1

Sword's of Revealing Light X1

Premature Burial X1

Magical Hats X1

Brain Control X1

Snatch Steal X1

Mystical Space Typhoon X2

Yami X1




Spellbinding Circle X1

Magic Cylinder X1

Dust Tornado X1

Hidden Book of Spell X2

Negate Attack X2

Trap Hole X1

Waboku X1

Blast Held by a Tribute X1



[spoiler=Custom Cards]



Dark Magician Lady [Lv 4, Dark, Spellcaster, Effect]

ATK 1600 DEF 800

Lore= When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard remove 1 'Dark-Attribute' monster from the graveyard to special summon this monster in face up attack position on your side of the field. While this card is face up on the field, by sending 2 Lv 4 or below 'Dark-Attribute' monster from your hand to the graveyard to special summon 1 Lv 7 'Dark Attribute' monster to your side of the field in face up attack position from your hand or deck. (This can only be activated once). The Battle Damage this card inflicts by attacking your opponent's Life Points directly is halved.


Dark Magician Kid [Lv 3, Dark, Spellcaster, Tuner]

ATK 700 DEF 600

Lore= This card's name is treated as "Dark Magician" as long as it is in the Graveyard.


Armoured Dark Magician [Lv 9, Dark, Spellcaster, Synchro, Effect]

ATK 2500 DEF 2100

Lore= "1 tuner monster" + "1 Dark Magician".

Increase the ATK + DEF of this card by 300 points for each 'Dark-Attribute' monster in the graveyard. When this card destroys an opponents monster by battle, place 1 spell counter on this card. (Max 3) You can remove 3 Spell Counters from this card to draw 1 card from your deck.





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Here's my character

Name Well I haven't thought of one yet

no nickname

Gender Male

Age 17

Duel Spirits Good Moonlight Dragon{custom}, Rallis the Star bird Evil Goldd Wu Lord of the Dark World, Reign-Beaux Overlord of the dark world, and Brron Mad King of Dark World


good but turns evil near the middle then turns back to good


Personality Good :Like Jaden and Yusei's Personalities put together Evil :All the dark signers [except Carly] and jaden's dark king personality combined to make a personality







Bio He became an orphan at the age of 5 and was separated from his sister he kept his cards as momentos of his parents

he went to the same orphanage as Rain and they became rivals he was adopted on his 11th birthday.

He lives alone in the Tops of New Domino because his parents are always gone



Deck good random type evil Dark World deck

Good and evil Turbo Decks are the same as the ground decks except different spells, traps and some monsters


Duel Runner good grey with blue trim design is like Yusei's first duel runner evil one is like crow's except its black and red and has no wings


Signature Card good Moonlight Dragon evil Reign-Beaux Overlord of Dark World


The fan fic is gonna be on fanfiction.net

The 5D's Characters re gonna be in this fic

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Can we submit more than 1 character?


Name: Rain

Nickname: The Twilight Duelist

Gender: Male

Age: 17



Bio: His parents died in an 'accident' when he was 3. He was then sent to the orphanage. When he was 10, he was adopted by someone. But that person died too. One day, in the cold street, a mysterious man appeared and gave Rain a deck. From that day onward, Rain fought with this deck and earned money to live by dueling. Dueling is his life.

Personality: He is usually quiet. And he usually looks up at the sky. When he's dueling, he is always serious and ALWAYS fights without holding back.

Duel Spirit: Wulf, Lightsworn Beast

Signature Card: Judgement Dragon

Deck: Twilight

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you can submit only up to 3

Adopting the fic is FREE[The only requirement is YOU MUST BE A GOOD FAN FIC WRITER]thank you for your service

You must type an example


read my fanfic yu-gi-oh 3z

no comments yet and it;s new

i could write both, because i delay chapters to build suspense in my other one

if you like it tell me

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Here's my guy:

Name: Jake

Nickname: none

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Descripition: Blonde long hair, White T-Shirt and Blue Jacket

Bio: Arrested by the cops for nearly killing a cop after he beat and now he he's after the cop who arrested him and send him to the neverworld.

Personality: Like evil Marek from the first Yugioh.

Duel Spirit: None

Signature Card:One thousand Dragon

Deck:Kiryu's Deck

Duel Runner:Crow's Duel Runner.

Turbo Deck: None

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I´m new in the forum and this is my first post.


Here is my character

Name: Alexander


Gender: male

Age: 18

Description: he has short brown hair and wears a white shirt and black trousers and jacket.

Personality: good, very calm and lonely.

Duel Spirit(s): Chaos-End Master

Signature Card:Light End Dragon

Ground & turbo Deck: Chaos-End

Duel Runner : black

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You're accepting one more guy, eh?


Name: Hinko Shinko

Nickname: "That dumb guy"

Gender: Not a girl

Age: 22

Description: He has naturally red hair(not talkin' red red, I'm talkin' CRIMSON, FIREY RED!!) tied up in a top knot and usually wears a judo gi. His mouth is never quite closed and usually gritting his teeth, giving him a 'mouse-y' look. He also wears sandals.

Bio: He has always been revered in his home country for having such red anime hair, and he always got what he wanted, no matter what. Most people were afraid that he'd summon the spirits of the ancients to kill them all if he didn't, for some reason. As he grew older, he grew interested in Duel Monsters and created a deck made out of Cheetahmen from an ancient failure in video games because they were just so funny. He ended up working as a card designer due to dumb luck and odd circumstances in Neo Domino City, and he contunues to create stupid archetypes even now.

Personality: He can be a big jerk, but mostly he acts like a generic person who enjoys fun and friends. He also NEVER LOSES ANYTHING. USUALLY.

Duel Spirit(s) (optional): Due to his intense love for his cards, he got the... Penguin Soldier duel spirit. WHY?!

Signature Card: Cheetahman Hercules (the cards aren't uploading properly, so you'll HAVE to look up pictures) Earth, Beast, 11 stars, 3100/200. EFFECT: You can Special Summon this monster from your deck when a different 'Cheetahman' monster is destroyed by battle(It cannot be called Cheetahman Hercules). Neither player takes Battle Damage from battles involving this monster. This monster cannot be destroyed by battle and is unaffected by Traps.

Deck: Made up of Cheetahmen monsters and supporting characters (you'll need to do some research on them and Action 52). They are all anti-spell and trap oriented, and I'll also provide cards for the other main characters.

254476a.jpg(comedically, he's the ONLY one who loads properly)

Cheetahman Aries, Earth, Beast, 4 stars, 1950/800. EFFECT: When this monster inflicts battle damage, it is doubled. This monster is unnafected by Trap cards.


No turbo stuff whatsoever, although he could be forced into one at some point for comedic effect.


So, yeah, I had fun with this one.

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