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what is OCG



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alex10 has been banned' date=' took a little while longer than expected, but oh well.

Please lock, as I stated before, question answered.



I'm glad to see such a disgusting member that was here to be gross banned. Now, the forum will be a bit more peaceful.


lol not rly. But it would be bad if he got everywhere in the forum.

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How is that no if it was right? Anyways.....If someone is saying you have bad OCG its either the way your wording your card or your just not useing periods and things like that.


You said it was just Official Card Grammar and that was it. There was more than one meaning.

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Guest Chaos Pudding

Also, OCG stands for Original Card Game, as in cards that are Japanese. But I assume that you weren't asking for that definition.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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