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Yu-Gi-Oh 3Z! Soulbound Champion [PG-16 at most] Chapter 4 is up!

The Greatness

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Duel Style: Mixed up.


The story revolves around a teen, striding for answers. Answers about why his dad took off into an unknown world. And the only way to find out... is to go there yourself. The administrators of the "Soulbound Tournament" promises the winner to a first-look at a second-universe along with a secret, unreleased card.... but they say the cost is dangerous? Is this the unknown world, his dad said he was off to before he took of in his duel runner. Well, he's taking his chances, battling against powerful duelist with his new deck, "Advent of the Emperors". Take on a thrilling adventure with, Gerald Yudiac, and his quest to finding his dad and why he took off.


[spoiler=Gerald Yudiac]



Age: 17

Height: 6'1"

Duel Disk: 4r9qbd.png

Duel Runner: [None Yet]

Bio: He started playing duel monsters since he was 5. He got his first deck at 7 and started collecting various decks at 10. Though he only uses one deck, "Advent of the Emperors". He learned by himself because his dad didn't have time to teach him because he was always busy on business meetings and such and his mom ran away from home, when he was 5. He doesn't know why, but she did. Now, he's 17 and his dad left as well, with only his friends, Katlin Smith, James Bersin, Kaze Linrow, and his old mentor Yusei Fudo, to count on.



[spoiler=Pics for Ideas as you Read]

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[spoiler=Chapter 1 Rushed with a Duel (Date: August 4th)]It was one of the best days, in terms of weather. It was summer, but unlike a usual summer day, it was not hot, but warm. The clouds faded throughout the sky and Gerald watched them, move slowly across the blue above him. It was so peaceful to him, that he had forgotten about his dad, and his sudden conclusions about his mom. If he knew that he blocked this out of his mind, he would freak, but thankfully the sky saved him.

He stayed there from noon to 2:32 PM, when his friend came out of nowhere and broke the silence outside his dorm.


“Dude, Sam Hurdon from Obelisk Blue has an announcement!” The words were so rushed out of his mouth, Gerald only heard, “Obelisk Blue and Sam Hurdon” and replied calmly, “Wait, Sam Hurdon ranked to Obelisk Blue!” his voice suddenly getting louder, “….oh wait, he’s already in Obelisk Blue, what are you talking about?”.

His friend, looked at him for a while before he responded and hit him Gerald at the back of his head, “Dude, what are YOU talking about? I said Sam Hurdon is making an announcement.”


Gerald got up, with a facial expression mixed with confusion and anger, “Don’t hit me like that James and why would a student be making an announcement?” James quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him to the area were the “Ceremony” was held.


He whispered to Gerald, “Who knows? I think they gave us the week off for this.” pointing his finger to a very strange balcony, where Sam Hurdon held a microphone. Sam Hurdon, spoke loudly into the microphone after 5 minutes had past from the time Gerald and James arrived.


“Fellow Academy students… I have been asked to administrate a tournament along with these people standing next to me, the Obelisk Blue graduates. The tournament winner will look first-hand experience of a new world along with a one rare and unreleased card. BUT, to join this tournament, you must offer, your soul…” at that point looked at him strangely and in shock. Some people “owed and awed”. “…don’t be scared, because the only way you can be trapped in this ‘special’ area where the duels will take place, is if you lose all your stars, which will act as keys to get out and the number of duels you won. You cannot back down, unless you win at least 1 duel….but the prize is worth it. You will need 5 stars to advance to the next round, when at least 100 people are qualified, the rest will be stuck there, forever…. Sign-ups are over there to your right.” He said signing off his speech. Surprisingly, a bunch of people ran to the table were signups were and entered the duel. Gerald and James went to the table when the people were clearing out and he signed up.


“Why are we signing up for this again?” James asked worried. “I am because I want to know more about this ‘new world’.” Gerald said with a grin.


“Do you think it might have something to do with your dad?” They both paused for a second and Gerald stared at James, making him uncomfortable.


Gerald finally responded, “Dude, why else would I join this tournament? To watch Sam Hurdon back out and watch us?”


“Yeah, maybe the punk was too scared to join, so he asked if he could administrate it, with his punk-a-posy” James said quietly. They both laughed, took their star holder and left.


They were walking, along the side-walk when suddenly; they appeared to be in some kind of virtual world. James first noticed it when he saw his duel disk, flash twice like some messed-up hologram. “Oh and the tournament starts now!” a voice spoke, that came from every corner, that sounded a bit like Sam.


“Aw, dude I didn’t even have time to prepare.” Gerald said, as he heard someone behind him say, “Good thing you didn’t need to.” Gerald and James both turned around and saw, Yusei Fudo, their favorite mentor.


“Gerald here’s your deck and James, here’s yours.” Yusei said. “But… how did you….” Gerald was cut-off by Yusei as Yusei spoke, “Gerald, don’t worry, I would worry about the guy behind me, waiting to duel you.”

Yusei left and revealed the man behind him. “The infamous ugly nerd, Gerald. I believe our duel was postponed. Now it’s time for me to finish you and trap you here forever!” the guy said, who appeared to be Kyle Mandark. Gerald shouted, “Alright, your finished, Kyle!”, they both shouted, “Let’s duel!”


“I go first.” shouted Kyle.


“You’re still gonna lose.” Gerald responded, drawing his cards.


“I draw and play Pot of Greed allowing me to draw 2 cards.”


“I know what it does!” Gerald had stated, watching him draw carefully.


“Well, I summon my Sabersaurus (LV: 4 ATK: 1900 DEF: 500) in attack position and I set one Spell/Trap card face down! Beat that punk!” Kyle said with one of the biggest and freakiest smile as he laughed soon after.


Gerald looked at the big dinosaur, as it roared to announce its presence. “My pleasure. I draw. I summon D.D. Warrior (LV: 4 ATK: 1200 DEF: 1000) in attack position. I end my turn.” A well-equipped warrior came out with green clothes. The warrior, stood tall and when the warrior moved, it got ready for battle, twisting its sword.


“That monster…. Is the only monster you control! You’re pathetic, that monster is puny compared to my Sabersaurus! I draw. I summon Frostosaurus (LV: 6 ATK: 2600 DEF: 1700) and to be nice, I’ll attack with my Frostosaurus first, so you won’t feel the pain later. I attack your D.D. Warrior!” Kyle yelled a loud to make it clear what had happened.


“Kyle you need to learn the game before you play it. Because I activate D.D. Warriors effect!” Gerald shouted back, making a grin with his response.


“Wait what?” Kyle had alleged. Making his eyes form a confused facial expression.


“I still lose 1400 Life Points but your Frostosaurus and D.D. Warrior are no longer in play!” Gerald laughed.


“Ah…. Well I still attack you directly with Sabersaurus! Now you lose 1900 extra Life Points. You lose 3300 Life Points! I set one Spell/Trap card can end my turn. Looks like this duel won’t last long.” Kyle declared.


Kyle: 8000

Gerald: 4700


“…Because I’m going to sweep you! I draw…. just what I need for a hand like this. I active Reload, to add all the card sin my hand to my deck! I shuffle my deck and draw 4 cards! And guess what, I reloaded a heavy pack of bullets, I summon Lesser Fiend (LV: 5 ATK: 2100 DEF: 1000) in attack mode. And I attack Sabersaurus. You lose 200 Life Points but that card is removed from play. I set 2 Spell/Trap cards and end my turn.” Gerald yelled with a rushed voice, almost losing his breath.


Kyle: 7800

Gerald: 4700


“I draw… Gerald you lost my friend, or should I say punk. I activate Heavy Storm to destroy all Spell and Trap cards on the field. I also summon Black Tyranno! (LV: 7 ATK: 2600 DEF: 1800) and attack your Lesser Fiend! You lose 500 Life Points. Take that!”


Kyle: 7300

Gerald: 4200


“Guess what, I’m taking it, and I’m going to give something stronger! I tribute summon Zaborg the Thunder Monarch (LV: 5 ATK: 2400 DEF: 1000) by sacrificing 1 card from my hand, D.D. Crazy Beast (LV: 3 ATK: 1400 DEF: 1400). And I get to destroy 1 monster on the field and guess who that is!”


“NO!” Kyle blurted out, from despise.


“I destroy Black Tyranno and attack directly with Zaborg the Thunder Monarch! And if you think I’m done, I got more coming. I end my turn.” Gerald added, pointing at Kyle.


“This hand hasn’t failed me, I summon, Ultimate Tyranno (LV: 8 ATK: 3000 DEF: 2200) in attack position and I attack your Zaborg Thunder Monarch! This duel is slipping from you. I end my turn!” he had laughed, soon to be uncontrollable.


Kyle: 7300

Gerald: 3600


He’s right, this duel is slipping away from me by the second. But I can’t lose! I just need to trust the cards….!” Gerald had thought to himself, trying not to looked worried about losing. “I draw.” He stated as he drew a card from his deck slowly with his eyes closes. “Yes!” he had thought once more. “I summon Chaosrider Gustaph (LV: 4 ATK: 1400 DEF: 1500)!” A shining, red colored, swift bike appeared, while it was moving. As bits of the bike passed an invisible portal, as it was summoned, a green looking goblin was sitting down, riding the bike, with a long sword and gold shoulder pads.


“That card better have a good effect!” Kyle spilled as he smiled at what he said. He held the top of the duel disk with his other hand, getting ready for his turn and to intimidate.


“It has an effect… but it won’t help me now, so I activate Brain Control I pay 800 Life Points to take control of Ultimate Tyranno. I attack you directly with both monsters! 4400 is a big blow. Before I give this back to you…. Wait… I play Card of Sancity to remove from play all monsters in my hand and on my side of the field! Including Ultimate Tyranno! I then draw 2 cards. I summon D.D. Survivor (LV: 4 ATK: 1800 DEF: 200) I attack directly! Take 6200!


Kyle: 1100

Gerald: 3600


“You think you’re a tough guy, huh? I draw. I summon another Black Tyranno!”

Kyle, that he almost lost his mind through his shouting.


“And I destroy another! Bottomless Trap Hole activate from my hand!” Gerald spoke, cutting him off with the card’s effect and his evil but playful grin.



“You destroyed my only good card in this hand! I end my turn!” Kyle alleged.


“I draw. And I’m not that stupid so I play Card Destruction! You wouldn’t leave your monster zone area open if you haven’t had a back up. Well I only draw 1 card and attack directly with Chaosrider Gustaph!” Gerald had yelled, raising his hand in the air, with the pointer finger up and high in the sky.


Kyle: 0

Gerald: 3600


“Don’t think you’re such a hot-shot! I’m gong to the next round! Just watch!” Kyle screamed running away from Gerald.

Gerald spoke, “Wait, I just realized that how are the staff ok with this? Kids trapping their souls if they don’t go to the next round?” said Gerald as he was speaking to the group of friends behind him.

“They’re not.” Yusei said. “That’s why I’m here to make sure you get away from here before you get trapped.” James responded, “So, why do this?”


“Because, they need someone with great ability to go to the next world. It’s dangerous. The Duel monsters there… are stronger than on earth.” Yusei whispered.


“But, what’s with this world… that special dimension.” Gerald replied.


“That’s what I want to find out” Yusei said walking away as if they should follow him. And they did.



[spoiler=Chapter 2 So let me duel you.... (Date: August 5th)] They walked along this dimension, trying to find any changes from here and the real world besides how everything is set-up, digitally. They looked around the building and eventually came to the Main Duel Arena, were people were dueling, for their stars of course. Gerald, James, and Yusei already new they were making it to the second round, but they didn’t even start dueling, except for Gerald, who had just beaten Kyle. “So Yusei, how come you don’t know about this new world?” James said to break the silence.


“They don’t want to tell us.” Yusei answered. Gerald looked at James trying to hop into over the wall blocking the arena seats and then looked at Yusei.


Gerald than spoke, “What do you mean they didn’t want to tell you? You’re a mentor…. And who’s they?” Gerald said curiously.


“The new team... Earth-Bound Orange. They were given authority to set this duel up by Mr. Herd.” Yusei said, walking up the stairs to meet James at his seat.


“More like Mr. Herb” Gerald said and they laughed soon after and sat down to look at the duel that had already started and was almost over; Terrence Gull had 1200 Life Points left and had a marvelous field, 4 Spells/Traps placed down with 3 Spellcasters, “Dark Magician of Chaos” (2800/2600), “Dark Magician Girl” (2300/1700) which had an ATK increase of 300 due to her effect, and “Dark Paladin” (2900/2400). This would be an automatic victory if Arnold Tersei hadn’t had 2 Spells/Traps card set with a beautiful “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” (4500/3800, shining as it hovered over the ground. He had 3400 Life Points left, so Gerald, James, and Yusei thought the duel was over, but it was Terrence’s turn. He had spoken, “This duel is over my friend, I play Heavy Storm to discard all Spell and Trap cards on the field! Then I summon Copycat and activate its effect to copy your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! I attack Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Copycat destroying them both and I attack directly with all my Magicians! You lose!” Arnold hadn’t said a word since he had summoned Copycat, not even a sound of shock. He fell to the floor in pain, but the pain quickly went away. He had stayed on the floor, tearing up. Terrence didn’t bother to give him support and just left him there for about a hundred kids to watch. Gerald didn’t want to see him like this and went over to him. While Gerald was helping him up, Yusei and James got up to go help Arnold as well, but just when they were about to reach the duel arena and where Arnold was, Terrence had shouted, “Go help the little punk!” Gerald got mad and went to go over and fight him, but James stopped him and said, “Let’s duel!” Terrence turned around and yelled a few words.


Terrence had said “You want to duel me? Alright this will be a laugh.” As he placed the remaining cards into his deck and prepared his duel disk.


“Yeah it will when I stick my Crystal Beast up your ass!” They both had an angry face and quickly rushed to the duel arena. They drew there cards. “I go first!” shouted Terrence.


“I draw 1 card and summon Chaos Command Magician (2400/1900)! Suddenly a green staff popped out from nowhere, then followed a shining warrior-like spellcaster with green and gold clothes. The magician showed some fancy moves when it was summoned by flipping in the air and twirling its staff. “I hope you like the taste of magic, because that’s what you’ll be getting all day! I set 1 Spell/Trap card and end my turn! Shove that up your ass baka!”


“You want to sound tough now, huh? You’re still a punk to me! I draw. I summon Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (1600/1000) in Defense Position!” A beautiful tan tiger with black stripes appeared and a strong breeze rushed throughout the battle field, blowing the tiger’s fur nicely. “I set 3 Spell/Trap cards and end my turn!”




“I draw. You’re so dull James. This duel is so boring, because I’m going to finish you off quickly… but I won’t let that happen because I’m going to spice things up with Dark Magician (2500/2100)! Dark Magician let’s give Topaz Tiger a magic show! Dark Magic Attack!” Dark Magician turned to a strange color that looked like something between digital and negative picture color. In seconds Topaz Tiger changed to the same color, ultimately shattering like it was a block of ice. “Now Chaos Command Magician, attack directly!” “I end my turn by setting 1 Spell/Trap card!”


James Life Points went from 8000 to 5600 and he felt massive pain in his chest for a second. “Wow, Dark Magician is pretty powerful with that attack of his. Well Topaz Tiger is sent to my Spell & Trap card zone instead! I draw and activate one of my favorite cards, Pot of Greed. I draw 2 more cards Me and my friend both have it, Hand Destruction do your work! I draw 3 cards and you draw whatever you had, I don’t want to count. I summon Crystal Beast - Cobalt Eagle (1400/800) in Defensive Position and end my turn!


“I draw.” shouted Terrence, with high volume for no reason. He stared at the bright brown eagle and yelled to James, “That eagle is going to be like Topaz Tiger in a second! I summon Dark Magician Girl (2000/1700)! Dark Magician Girl you know what to do!” he ordered Dark Magician Girl to attack before she appeared fully. Before James even saw her feet, she was already high in the air ready for her attack. He looked at her in her bright blue attire and was scared for a moment. Cobalt Eagle disappeared and reappeared in the Spell & Trap card zone. “Now, Dark Magician and Chaos Command Magician, attack directly with a double Dark Magic Attack!” The attack had hit James and he saw blur for a moment, as his body was changed in color. He fell to the floor on his knees and hands. Gasping for breath, he got up and realized it was his turn.


“700 Life Points left….” he whispered to himself. “This guy is good but it all depends on this card, please be….” He drew Crystal Beast - Ruby Carbuncle and shouted, raising his voice from his whisper, “Yes!” “Don’t get too excited, you’re still going to lose!” Terrence said in response to his startling, “yes”. “Alright I send Crystal Beast – Ruby Carbuncle from my hand to the graveyard, making 2 Crystal Beast on the field and 5 in the Graveyard, making 7 total! You’re in trouble now! Rainbow Dragon (4000/0), I summon you to the field!” A bluish dragon appeared to the field. The dragon was enormous with small wings for its size. It was colorful all around. Terrence was in a stage of amazement and shock as he looked up at the beast flying over the field. “I attack Dark Magician Girl! You lose 2000 Life Points. And I end my turn”


“I draw… You think you’re going to win? When I drew Copycat? Copycat let’s go! Copy Rainbow Dragon’s ATK and DEF! And attack.” The mysterious clown with the sparkling mirror attacked Rainbow Dragon. When they collided a giant puff of smoke surrounded the field and as James expected, Terrence was on the floor. Terence looked up at the field, where the monsters battled and saw Rainbow Dragon standing strong, with the dark clown nowhere to be found. “What happened?” said Terrence.


“I activated his effect!” James interrupted. “What?” Terrence shouted. “I sent all Crystal Beasts I controledl to the Graveyard, Cobalt Eagle and Topaz Tiger. For each Crystal Beast sent this card gains 1000 ATK! Since it was 2, he gained 2000 and had 6000 ATK making your Copycat become nothing but a weakling.” “Impressive, but I’m still winning this duel! I end my turn by activating Dark Hole! Say bye to your Rainbow Dragon!”


“Ok, I have to admit that was the stupidest move I ever saw from you. I draw…” James said with a grin. He laughed for a moment before he spoke again, “Good thing I picked this card up when Kyle dropped it!” he whispered to himself. “I activate Heavy Storm to destroy all Spell/Trap cards on the field! I then activate Monster Reborn! I reborn Rainbow Dragon and attack you directly!” This was the finishing play of the duel. A bright blue machine popped out from the blue and opened its immense door and let out the Rainbow Dragon to return to the field once again. But it was all in one motion. The dragon came out, already bursting at its opponent with its special blue blast.


“I-I-I lost!” Terrence said looking at James as the remaining cards vanished from their virtual selves and returned to their cards. James walked up to him as he turned away. “Yeah you did. That was a good duel. I was scared there for a second.” James shouted as Terrence walked away speechless. Gerald, Yusei, and Arnold met James at the other side. They walked throughout the virtual world, looking for more duels to retrieve their stars and being 1 step closer to finding answers.


* * *



Arnold, Gerald, James, and Yusei all had 6 stars. They automatically advanced to the next round if they don’t duel. But there was something on Gerald’s mind that kept bothering him. He kept stressing the fact that his dad knows where his mom is. Without feeling any depression, he kept thinking about the times his dad and mom had with him, when he did see him. The more he kept thinking about them, the more determined he was to win this thing. Because the last thing his dad said to him was, “Son, I’m going somewhere… else…. Try not to worry too much because I will be back… in this world. Oh and stay in duel academy and don’t enter any tournaments.” and he left, with his duel runner, off to nowhere, as Gerald had thought. Yusei, Arnold, and James had stop, but to caught up into his thoughts, he kept walking. They eventually had to chase him as they called. They finally caught up to him and tapped him on his shoulder, he busted out in shock, “Whoa!”


“Dude, Sam Hurdon is making an announcement, he’s not a punk after all.” James said to Gerald, but intentionally spoke to Yusei and Arnold as well. Gerald, Arnold, James, and Yusei all walked up to where Sam Hurdon was making his speech. They stopped and stared.



[spoiler=Chapter 3 Kaze and Katlin (Date: August 8th)] Gerald, James, Yusei, and Arnold, looked at Sam Hurdon who changed into what seemed like renaissance attire, but with Obelisk colors and a silver beret. To tell the truth he didn’t look like a regular 19 year old, he looked more like he was 30, because he also had a 5 o’clock shadow growing in. Everyone stared at him carefully because of his appearance until he spoke, “Round 1 will be over when 4 more students get 5 stars. Those students who have already have gotten at least 5 stars please follow me, into this portal. Everyone else… duel!”


Right after Sam had said this, a girl and a boy, who were twins, asked Gerald if they could have a star and showed their palms, which revealed 3 stars each. “I only have 6.” Gerald said, as he should sorrow. He looked down at them as they went on their needs.


“You guys should just leave.” James spoke, in a soft-tune but with rude manner. He hadn’t meant to say it the way he did, but it passed on to the twins as a harsh statement.


“Why should we! That’s not a very nice thing to say to us!” they said simultaneously and with the same pitch as if they were one.


“I didn’t mean it in a bad way, but if you can’t get 5 stars in the first round, what makes you think you could get 5 now? I mean, there’s really nothing we could do.” James had spoken these words the same way he announced them when he told them to leave.


“Well, I’ll guess we have to take them from you!” the twins claimed in unison as they whipped the sorrowful expression of their face and replaced it with a more angry and determined one.


“You want to tag duel?” Gerald had said cutting off James even though James was going to say the same.


“You’ll lose, no doubt.” Gerald added as he got his duel disk ready.


“Who said we were going to duel!” the twins said excited as they stepped back into karate stance.


“Look, I’m not going to fight you.” proclaimed James as he got his duel disk ready and spoke again, “But I will duel you.” As he said this, the twins did some fancy flipping moves as one of them swung their legs across James’ neck. James flew back 3 feet and lost balanced. The other one, the boy, grabbed Gerald’s duel disk as Gerald was getting ready to fight. He swing Gerald by the disk and let go and watched Gerald fly back and fall on the floor. Arnold ran, ran for his life. He was too scared to face them and called for help as soon as he realized that he had abandoned his new friends to a set of two psycho twins. But I guess it was ok, because Yusei as a teen he was a junkie and could fight a little bit. Yusei didn’t want to hurt them, but he kicked the boy across his body with one leg then tried to kick him across the head wit the other but it was caught by the boy’s sister. The girl flipped him over and started to pound him on the face with her fist. They boy was too busy fighting James. James got kicked behind his knee and fell to the floor with both his hands holding his body up slightly. The boy lifted his foot and laughed as he was preparing to stomp on him. But when James looked him at him, he saw an arm with leather sleeves reach across his body to the boy and hit him. When he looked at the boy who was now on the cement or cement digital floor, he saw that he was unconscious and was bleeding at the top of his lip and had a black spot under his eye. When he looked at the crimson blood rushing out of the boy’s mouth and spilling on the floor, he had realized that his nose was broken too. He had a facial expression that showed he was shocked.

Meanwhile James saw the girl fighting Yusei and Gerald who had not seen what had happened. When he was about to look up, he saw a familiar face block the view of the unconscious boy. When the person helped him up, he realized who it was. It was Kaze Linrow. “You got beat up pretty hard there buddy? I thought you could fight better than that.” Kaze stated in a joking matter.


“Shut up dude, I was going to beat him up anyways. Thanks though.” James replied forgetting about the other twin and continued talking before Kaze spoke again, “Oh, and that was pretty hard hit. How come you couldn’t do that to Sam last month?”


“Haha funny. If I did then I wouldn’t be allowed to be here. I mean this mysterious place?” Kaze answered.


“Yeah, well Gerald’s taking this pretty serious because he thinks his dad had something to do with this.” James had told Kaze. Kaze was about to answer James but then he had heard the yelling and screaming of the fight between the girl and Yusei and Gerald. Kaze walked over with his fist ready. He pulled his arm back ready to swing, but she had already jumped up in the air so high, out of reach, and slapped Kaze on the cheek with her foot. Kaze flew down unconscious. To James it was funny at first because he walked over to her so confident and suddenly ended up right next to the boy he knocked out. James ran over to the area where the fight was. He loaded up his duel disk and got it ready. He didn’t even have to search and summoned Chu-ske Mouse Fighter. James commanded him to attack directly but wouldn’t listen. And when he shouted at it, it returned to his card. He ran up to the girl bravely and ducked under her legs out of instinct as she flew to the other side. He came up to her as she turned around and he punched her right in her temple. She took a few steps back to regain control but she was still dizzy. “And here’s another!” James shouted as he launched his arm back than swung at her violently. She blocked it with her leg and kicked him in the neck with the other. James flew back in pain, holding his neck in pain yelling for help. Before he could help James, Gerald snuck up behind her and hit her at the side of her neck. She descended quickly and was revealed unconscious.


Yusei beat Gerald to supporting James. As he ran to him before the girl twin was knocked out. “Yo James… I beat her up for you. It’s alright.” They stayed there for 3 hours comforting James until he was able to move his neck. Kaze had already woken up by then while the twins were still down. Kaze carried them and opened a portal out of Round 1, with an extra star.


* * *


“So I guess we need to duel again to get out of here.” Kaze had said to the whole group as they were walking around the stadium.


“Yeah, but I like this place better because it’s in the real world but just in a stadium. A very big one.” Gerald narrated.


"Oh and have any of you seen Katlin around?” James had asked and when he did, no one really noticed but they all shifted their brains and path to look for Katlin.


“I have. She was with me the whole time. We were talking and kissing for hours under a tree after we got 7 stars.” Kaze had said to James as he leaned his head in and changed his tone into a whisper.

James shoved his head away with his palm and said, “Dude that’s not funny.” with an angry expression on his face that told Kaze to back off.

Kaze didn’t look at him and didn’t bother to stop talking and said, “Man, cherry lip gloss taste so good. And especially when Katlin use’s it so fine.”


“Yeah right,” Gerald had added, stopping James from responding. “She doesn’t like hot-shot, wanna-bes.” concluded Gerald in a smooth balanced tone, keeping his eye out for Katlin.


“Gerald you got jokes now? Because they’re worse than your dueling.” proclaimed Kaze. Yusei remained speechless as he watching to see if he found Katlin. He was also listening to the conversation but didn’t want to go in. Gerald stared at Yusei, wondering why he was so speechless, but when Kaze had spoke, he shifted his vision at Kaze and whispered to him as he put his head next to his shoulder, “That’s why you never beat me Kaze?”


“So how about a rematch?” Kaze replied loudly.


“That’s too many rematches. That would be like the 100th rematch so far.” said Gerald cutting off James again.

Before Kaze could answer, they all heard a soft, sweet, and perfect voice. They all looked up and heard Katlin, all but Yusei who hadn’t noticed it was her. “Hey guys, I’ve been looking for you. Oh and Kaze I found out.” Katlin had spoke, brushing her hair, with her smooth, angel-like hands.


“You did! I bet Gerald wants to hear this the most.” Kaze had said.


“Hear….” Gerald had mumbled as he was cut off by James, who refused to be cut off by speech again, “Hear what?”


“What’s this tournament about of course.” said Katlin.


“Yeah, what’s it about?” answered Gerald, raising his voice.


“They want the winner to duel a strong opponent in the other world. They think the winner of this tournament is the strongest and best dueler and win against this opponent so they could retrieve a prize from this ‘opponent’” Katlin said, concluding her speech.


“Wait what? Why doesn’t Mr. Big Shot Hurdon duel him?” asked James.


“Because he tried and failed. He was almost killed.” articulated Katlin.


“So they want a bunch of students to fight this guy?” Kaze said, moving closer to Katlin, unnoticed.


“Not a bunch, one, you idiot.” James replied quickly in an impolite pitch.


“Hey watch who you’re talking to here, before you end up like that boy back at Round 1.” Kaze declared, moving towards James like they were about to fight. Gerald purposely cut-off James to prevent a fight, so he talked in a rather yelling-like pitch, “So, they want kids who didn’t graduate, to win this thing?”


“Well there’s more to it, but I don’t have that cleared up right now.” Katlin announced ending the conversations for now.

Katlin leaned in toward Gerald, in a way, where it seemed like she wanted to be more than friends. Gerald in a friendly fashion, rested his head on hers, eventually sliding her head down to his shoulder. They kept walking and they stayed this way, until they noticed they were walking in circles.


“Hey shouldn’t we be dueling?” Gerald has asked moving his head of the position it was in. This phrase had broken the silence as they were walking for hours. Yusei walked towards them, as they didn’t notice he had left.

He had answered instead, hearing him, from 5 feet, “Yeah, but I already got 8 stars from Round 2. So it’s 1 for each of you and 4 for me.”


“Wow, that’s nice, but how did you get them so fast?” Gerald had noted right after.


“I’m just good, students want to duel me, they lose, and I get stars.” He said as they all laughed. “But, you need to duel me Yusei, I need that rematch.” Gerald had stated. In a flash, they both, yelled, “Let’s duel” without noticing what they had just done, but they drew their cards. Right before Gerald was going to say, “You first”, someone knocked into to him dropping 5 stars. “Hey! Watch where you’re going, we’re dueling here!” shouted Gerald at the person, who was walking in a black robe, which covered his whole body. His hood was on so it was hard to tell if it was a male or a female. The person just kept walking, as if nothing happened and wanted to give Gerald the 5 stars. Gerald picked them up, and yelled to him as loud as he could because the person was far away, “Hey! You forgot your stars!” It looked as if it were a floating black robe as the person disappeared under the area where there was no light.

Gerald paused confused. He then realized it was the right thing to run after the person. “Gerald! Where are you going?! Wait up!” screamed Katlin as she followed him. As soon as she lifted up one foot to sprint, the others decided to run along. No one had known that the person had dropped their stars, except Gerald, so they thought he was running like a wild man crazed with psychopathic visions. Katlin had taken the lead and had stopped. When she started slowing down, the others followed in unison. They stopped and stared at Gerald talking to the person in the robe, who appeared to be girl, with the most fantastic figure. While Yusei and Katlin stared in mystification, James and Kaze stared in amazement at the attractive girl they were gazing upon. They all started moving again, jogging to get closer to the girl and Gerald. When their distances shortened, they saw the girl lean in towards Gerald and give him a kiss on the cheek, slowly. After, she walked away, moving at a rather fast pace. Yusei, James, Kaze, and Katlin finally stood a distance to Gerald of a good 2 feet. “Who was that girl, Gerald?” Katlin had asked sounding as if she was trying to force her voice at a certain pitch.


“Courtney.” Gerald had responded as he turned toward his friends who were greeting him and blushed. “Courtney Sykes.” said Gerald concluding his other statement.


“Courtney Sykes gave you a kiss?” expressed James in shock as he tilted his head back in jealously, “Dude, you’re one lucky dude.”


“Try more sweet talk and try to get it on the lips.” alleged Kaze finishing James’ statement for him.


“Guys shut up! And why would she give you a kiss?” declared Katlin, giving hard evidence that she was trying to match her tone to something more balanced, than a jealous-type of pitch. Everyone could hear it, but Yusei didn’t want to say it because he didn’t want to get involved and Kaze and James didn’t want to say it, because they didn’t want it to be true.


“Jealous much, Katlin?” Gerald had spoken, breaking a moment that would have been silent. He looked at her in a joking manner that had a sweet, playful mood in the facial expression, that she found pretty adoring but instead replied, “Yeah right, Gerald…. anyways… why were you running?”


“Because she dropped her stars, but she meant to give them to me as a gift, to stay in this game with her…. It would seem like a guy’s gift to a girl to impress her, but I guess it was the opposite way.” Gerald had conveyed to Katlin, but really talking to the whole group. “She had 10 stars, and now she has 5… and so do I.” added Gerald before anyone could speak, passing out his stars evenly to the group and Gerald ended up with 3, Yusei with 4 still, and everyone else 2.


They started walking to find some duels as Yusei had asked Gerald, “You still want to duel Gerald?”


“You bet… but I rather not duel for now, a lots on my mind.” Gerald answered calmly in a smooth voice, twitching his head, knocking his hair back. “Thinking about smooching Courtney.” Kaze said in a strange voice. They had found a spot in this huge stadium-like room and sat down in these exotic, space-based chairs that twirled around if you wanted it to.


“Well, I’m thinking about what’s going to happen when I win. I mean IF I win. Will I see my dad? Find my mom? I just feel that, my dad has something to do with this and my mom too. I mean I didn’t know much about her, except the fact that she ran away. My dad was sad and all, but when I was 9, it was like he forgot and I remembered for him.” Gerald had rendered in a less sorrowful way than you would expect, but looked up at the sky as he did. “But other than that, I was thinking about Courtney too.” Gerald said looking back at his friends, smiling, and soon after he caught him self laughing with the whole group.


“We better get ready to duel. Maybe a practice duel, Kaze?!” shouted James getting out of his seat and invading Kaze’s breathing space, with a grin and an evil eye expression.


“No.” Kaze said moving back from his seat. His answer was surprising yet it was true. They spent the whole day talking about the tournament. The dangers and its secrets.



[spoiler=Chapter 4: Secrets (Date: August 13th)]

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1. You used script format, which is banned.

2. You didn't put a new paragraph for each speaker, so that large block of text in Chapter 1 was confusing.

3. BUMP only after 24 hours.

4. I actually stopped reading when I saw the script format and the huge chunk of what looked like dialogue. if it weren't dialogue, then you probably should have done something to indicate those are thoughts are something.


After fixing the format, you should get more readers and I'll write a review concerning the content of the story rather than the format.

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