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MY deck


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My deck,:lol::lol::D:):o

level 4 and below

1.magiaican of faith

2.penguin soldier

3.man-eater bug

4.gadget arms (2)

5.gren maju da eiza

6.soldier of stone

7.morphtronic scopen


9.mermaid archer

10.morphtronic videon

11.lord of d.

12.the dragon dwelling in the cave

13.witch of the black forest

14.vampire lady

15.double coston


17.fire soldier #1

18.goggle golem

19.harpie's brother

20.ufo turtle

21.big eye

level 5-6

22.cyber-tech alligator

23.gigastone omega

24.gravi-crush dragon

25.doom shaman

level 7-12

26.black spellcaster

27.despair from the dark

28.blue-eyes white dragon (2)

spell cards

29.tribute to the doomed

30.axe of despair

31.heavy storm

32.flute of summoning dragons

33.morphtronic repair unit

34.unleash your power


36.supremacy berry

37.swords of revealing light

38.pot of greed

39.change of heart


41.double tool c&d

42.call of the mummy

43.monster reborn

44.card destruction

trap cards

45.level retuner

46.fake trap

47.dust tornado

48.counter counter

49.trap hole

50.call of the haunted

51.magic drain

52.miracle locus

53.seven tools of the bandit

54.morphtronic bind

55.wall of revealing light


57.widespread ruin

58.scrap-iron scarecrow

extra deck


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We can't read this jumbled mess. Organize into separate categories: Monsters, Spells, and Traps and state how many of each kind you have. You also don't have to list like 1, 2, 3, and so on.






I also gave you two links to help. The first is the Ban List. Read it. You have a lot of Banned cards. Either take them out or put this in traditional. That's what the Traditional section is there for.


The second link is to give you an idea on themes. This looks like a random pile of cards thrown into a pile you called a deck. YOU NEED A THEME!!! Go through the different deck types and pick one. Until then, we can't help. It's too random to help fix, sorry.

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