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Duel Monster Dimension~Sovereigns~[Book 1][Chapter 3 UP]


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Duel Monsters Dimension


This fanfic is about DM Dimension. A vast dimension populated by Duel Monsters. Some Pics I will use won't be from real cards. Anyway, RATE!


NOTE: Since my first fanfic was an Epic Bust. I decided to make a new one. Please Rate and Enjoy.


[spoiler=Chapter 1-The Sovereign Warriors]Every duelist knows that their cards have spirits within those. These spirits are often referred to Duel Spirits. Duel Spirits live in an alternate dimension. Each with their own different characteristics. But the dimension was falling apart, a Duel Monster Alliance was created to destroy the DM Dimension. So, to fight the destruction and darkness, 6 Duel Spirits arose to vanquish the Alliance. They were Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Judgment Dragon, Endymion the Master Magician, Archlord Zerato, Black Luster Soldier and Magician of Faith.


Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Judgment Dragon reverted to their Human Knight forms. This ability was gained after centuries of training and hardwork. This ability allowed them to become humans with their DM Power. (DM Power referring to Duel Monster Power). Their alliance was called the Sovereign Warriors.


The six members sat around a round table in the Magical Citadel of Endymion. BEWD broke the silence, "Endymion, is it true that the Alliance destroyed Kuri Kuri Village? I haven't heard anything from the villagers there. Even their leader, Winged Kuriboh LV10, didn't show up for the induction of Village Leaders."


Endymion replied, "Hmm, based on the given reports by my spy, Lady Ninja Yae, The Alliance truly have destroyed Kuri Kuri Village."


Judgment Dragon's rage grew, "Damn it. The Alliance must be stopped. They have already destroyed seven villages, including the Secret Village of Spellcasters.


"Since only six of the major cities are still standing, I suggest that we each guard one city. Don't you agree Magician of Faith?" Archlord Zerato suggested.


"That is quite a good idea." Magician of Faith agreed, "BEWD can guard the city of Flamvell. Judgment Dragon can protect Pandemonium. Zerato can aid the city of Genex. Enymion can guard his home, the Magical Citadel of Endymion. Black Luster Soldier can fight for the Harpie's Hunting Ground. Finally, I can help Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins."


Black Luster Soldier said, "I agree with her. This means we can protect the main lands and the villages within them."


"Just everyone, be careful! The Alliance is especially strong counting as Dark Armed Dragon is with them! The last thing we want is to lose a member, then we have to draw lots from thousands of auditions." BEWD reprimanded, "Next thing you know, UFOroid Fighter will be a member. Sheesh.


[spoiler=Chapter 2-Terror in Flamvell]BEWD appeared in his Knight Form at the front of the Flamvell Gate. He could see the lava rivers flowing beside the solid stone gate. He signaled one of the Flamvell Guards to open the gate.


BEWD walked inside the Flamvell City. "Hmm, a burning city I guess?" he murmured.


Upon entering, he saw a great burning tower guarded by a Flamvell Dragnov. He walked nearer and saw that it was the center of Government in Flamvell. He opened the great Fire-Proof Door.


"Who dares enter my domain?" a voice asked.


BEWD looked around but he can only see darkness, "It is I, Blue-Eyes White Dragon of the Sovereign Warriors, I have come to protect your city."


"I'm the Leader of this town. I am Flamvell Urquizas and I assure you, we don't need your assistance."


Suddenly, an explosion was heard.


"Wanna bet?"


Outside the Burning Tower was monster like no other. BEWD, while in his knight form, dashed through the town until he saw the gate that crashed from the explosion.


"Blue-Eyes? Long time no see." the monster said.


"Why are you here?!" BEWD said in rage.


"Don't forget, I'm still your brother."


"Yes, what a pain, Red-Eyes."


Red-Eyes Black Dragon appeared in his knight form as well. He had a pitch black armor shining like a gem. REBD flew unto BEWD and attacked with his black sword.


"Still weak I guess, little brother!" BEWD said.


"Then look at this." REBD started to chant a spell. After a few moments, he had evolved. He became Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.(REDMD)


"What the heck?!" Blue-Eyes replied in awe.


"Hahahaha, Burning Inferno!!!"


BEWD dodged, "Burst Sword Strike!"


The Flamvell soldiers started to attack REDMD, but Red-Eyes's Army of Dragons greatly suppressed them. He cornered Blue Eyes and attacked him. BEWD started to weaken.


"I'll finish you off" stepping on BEWD's head.


BEWD started to chant a Spell. An array of light surrounded him as he ascended unto heaven. He swooped down as Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.(BESD)


"Omega Burst Stream of Destruction!!!" he said as he blasted a massive ball of energy unto Red-Eyes.




"I have defeated one of the Alliance. Now what will I do with all this mess?"


The remaining Flamvell Soldiers replied, "How about you clean them?"


"Meh, sure. I've got nothing better to do."



[spoiler=Chapter 3-The Path to Pandemonium]Judgment Dragon was flying through the sky in his Dragon Mode. He was thinking about whether or not he will protect Pandemonium. As you can see, the people of Pandemonium is the enemy of their country.


He arrived at the Netherlands of Pandemonium. He reverted to his Knight Mode and appeared with shining silver armor. He began to walk. While walking, he can hear voices of some DMs(Duel Monsters). He reached the Vengeful Bog Spirits Swamp.


[spoiler=Vengeful Bog Spirits]VengefulBogSpiritLON-EN-C.jpg



He can't move.


"Spirits, I have more important things to do." he said, "Let me go!!!"


"You think we'll just let you through?" they replied, "Remember, you're still an enemy of Pandemonium."


"Release me or else?"


"Or else what?"


Judgment Dragon began to glow. With a snap of a finger, the whole area was completely destroyed.


"Uhh, every time I use this power, my life is shortened by 10 years..."


JD decided to rest within a waterfall in the Netherlands.


"Even the water here is tainted with evil." he said while inspecting the surroundings, "What else could I expect?"


He began to sleep. A rather deep sleep. He dreamed about his love for his wife, a female White-Horned Dragon. He can see her being devoured by an Il Blud.


[spoiler=White Horned Dragon]White-HornedDragonGXNG-EN-UR-LE.png



He woke up. He felt deep hatred against this land but he continued to journey for Pandemonium for it was a mission for the Sovereigns.


"Who goes there?" a stranger said.


"I am Judgment Dragon of the Sovereigns."


"What do you seek?"


"I am looking for the path to Pandemonium."


"I must have something in exchange."


"Do you want to be like the Vengeful Bog Spirits?"


"Uhhhh, no."


"Then tell me where it is."


"It is located near Kuri Kuri Village and below the Sanctuary of the Sky."




The area suddenly exploded. The area was devoured by JD's rage.


Far up in the mountains, two DMs were talking.


"So, did you put the "A-Virus" on him?" a voice said.


"Certainly, bwahahahahahaha."






If you want to suggest a character, fill out this form and PM it to me:

[spoiler=FORM]Duel Spirit:


Other Information you want to add:



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i thought the 2nd and 3rd chapters werent as good as the first but were still pretty cool.

Duel Spirit: Dark Sage

Attitude: Very confident and powerful.

Additional Info: Enemies tend to underestimate him because of his old age. He has trained many young magicians in the past, such as Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Sorcerer of Dark Magic, Magician of Black Chaos, Dark Magician of Chaos, Magician of Faith, and Endymion the Master Magician. He also taught Dark Magician how to change into his knight form. And as for who trained himself, it was Time Wizard.

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The writing is iffy but I can see what your trying to do so it doesn't bother me as much as it should.


However Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon is actually slightly weaker that Blue Eyes, (Ironically a Metalmorphed Red Eyes would have cleaved straight through the Blue eyes head). I reccommend Darkness Dragon instead of metal, it makes more since since darkness=evil and people don't usually become cyborgs as a powerup. Then when Blue eyes eventually wins he could be reconstructed as Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon .

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I like the idea just the chapters are too small....And the battle between BEWS and REBR could be a little bit longer and more exciter....:D


Here I is my DS...

Duel Spirit: Gearfried the Iron Knight

Attitude: He is a neutral guy and he is always alone. He isn't good or bad he just works for the one who gives him more gold.

Other Information you want to add:While working for the Alliance on a mission he meets Lady Ninja Yae. She tell him that he doesn't have to be evil, etc..He fells in love with her but the Alliance kidnapped her and his rage destroyed his Iron Armor and revealed Gierfried the Swordmaster. And his last mission is to save Yae and destroy the Alliance.

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