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Hardest song on any song game


What is the hardest song on any song game?  

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  1. 1. What is the hardest song on any song game?

    • Through the Fire and Flames
    • Free Bird
    • Green Grass, High Tides
    • Other

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Personally, the only choices here are:

Through the Fire and Flames (Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero Smash Hits)

Free Bird (Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero Smash Hits)

Green Grass, High Tides (Rockband, other unknown game)


But feel free to pick what you think is the hardest song on any song game on any system.

Le bump :l

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Bowser's Castle on Dance Dance Revolution Mario.


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    Obviously' date=' TTFAF on GH3. It was made to kick you in the teeth.
    [*']There's some pretty insane DDR songs, but
    Guitar: (besides ttfaf) Fight Fire with Fire is pretty tough, until you get the patterns down. Surfing with the alien (DLC, GH3) had a very crazy part - a Green-Orange trill at some insanely high speed, and it changed to a red-orange trill, and kept changing colors. All hammers-ons. Look it up.
    Bass: Dyer's Eve. Plain & simple, clusterf**k.
    Drums: War Ensemble or Dyer's Eve, TTFAF?
    Singing: Evil - Mercyful Fate

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In my aspects, I own RockBand 2, as well as OWN at it. If I'd have to say anything hard, it'd be this....


Guitar: Aesthetics of Hate- Machine Head, Warriors of Time- Black Tide, TTFAF- Dragonforce.... Good Mourning/Black Friday- Megadeth. Pretty much my only listings so far.


Bass: Nothing I can think of. I can get about..... 95-100% on any song on bass. But that's only on songs that I know of.


Vocals: Painkiller- Judas Priest (That one echo part is annoying), Tangled in Blue- Bob Dylan, Forever- In This Moment


Drums: The only one that will ever take the cake on this..... Young Man Blues- The Who. It is an impossible FC unless you are god. Second to that, Good Mourning/Black Friday- Megadeth.

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