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barbaros rebuilt please comment

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high level:5


beast king barbaros x3

beserk dragon


low level:19

ange knightx3

Nimble Momonga x3

Giant Rat x3

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Injection Fairy Lily x2

Morphing Jar


hero kidx3


Spell Cards 8

mousoleum of the emperorx2


heavy storm

lighting vortex

monster reborn

pot of averice

brain control

deal with dark ruler


traps 6

solemn judgementx3

divine wrath

ultimate offering

magic cylinder


someone please say something

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rulings dont say otherwise even shonen jump said u can do it


No' date=' it states that if you Tribute [b']3[/b] monsters for it's Normal Summon, then it nukes your opponent controls. If you Summon him via Mausoleum, it will just be a 3k Beatsticker.


Oh, and never, ever, run Barbaros outside of a Skill Drain Deck.

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