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Once per turn' date=' you can toss a coin 3 times and apply the appropriate effect: ● 3 Heads: Destroy all monsters your opponent controls. ● 2 Heads: Discard 1 random card from your opponent's hand. ● 1 Head: Destroy 1 card you control. ● 3 Tails: Discard your entire hand.[/quote'][/align]


At least it's DARK, right? If it weren't for the coin flips, or the negative effects...


Incidentally, I wonder who got the reference.

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Also' date=' are there cards that benefit from discarding from your hand?? ;)



Dark World. Infernity.


There are also cards that benefit from effect destruction. Basically, it can be effectively used, but are there any decks that seriously run all of the possible uses? No.

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