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Psychic Deck !!NEW AND IMPROVED!!


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I have about 20 different decks but some are not so good, however this is one of my best, its a psychic/synchro and please tell me how to make it better like what you would add or take away. some cards are in here because they are either tuners or they increase my life points. moste of the synchrose are in there for back-up or show. :D


Total Cards:46



Doctor Cranium x1

Copy Plant x1

Krebons x2

Psychic Jumper x2

Psychic Commander x1

Mind Protector x1

X-Saber Airbellum x1

Dark Resonator x1

Grapple Blocker x1

Psychic Snail x2

Power Injector x2

Telekinetic Shoker x1

Genetic Woman x1

Armored Axon Kicker x1

Storm Caller x1

Master Gig x2



Telekinetic Charging Cell x3

Psychic Path x1

Psi-Station x1

Psychic Sword x1

Psychokinesis x2

Brain Research Lab x1

Tribute To The Doomed x1

Synchro Boost x1

Level Tuning x1

Monster Reborn x1



Telepathic Power x2

Psychic Rejuvenation x1

Metaphisical Regeneration x1

Psychic Tuning x1

Life Absorbing Machine x1

Enchanted Javelin x1

Rainbow Life x1

Fake Trap x1

Magic Jammer x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Mirror Force x1


Extra Deck:9

Thought Ruler Archfiend x2

Psychic Lifetrancer x3

X-Saber Urbellum x1

Armory Arm x1

Goyo Guardian x1

Stardust Dragon x1

Red Dragon Archfiend x1

Black Rose Dragon x1

Power Tool Dragon x1

Ancient Fairy Dragon x1



Thats it

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