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Looking for CSS & Graphic Designers...


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Read the title.

If you know CSS, whether a lot or minor, please state so. I could do with your help.

The same goes to whether you are a good Graphic Designer. May I note, this is a different type of graphics to your Tags and stuff.


Now, the reason (as some of you may have guessed) that I'm looking for these, is for a possible chance of the return of YCM Theme Workshop, and with me not in contact with Bloodrun or any of my previous team, I could do with a new team. If you're interested in helping out, please send me a PM or comment here.


ALSO: If you know Javascript, please PM me. I know some myself and may be able to do it myself, but if not I could do with some help. Thanks.

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I know Dreamweaver a little. (Well' date=' I should have made that last one on PS for Layer-Based Slices). But you know how lazy I am.



You won't even lock a thread when I ask you, you say "yeah, I'll get to it in a bit" and then go duel someone. >.< That's how lazy you are. xD

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I can do graphics.


I've made whole button sets before' date=' hand-pixeled.


The Gaia profiles I've made are pretty good, too.


I guess I can handle graphics also. [;

I know gimp like I know photoshop.


It's lucky I need more graphic designers then CSS Programmers. :3

Both accepted; and the help is greatly appreciated. Just awaiting a reply from YCMaker and if he supports it then I'll reborn the thread.

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btw I can help =P


I could use the practice.


Help with? =P


Depends what you want.

I know my way around PS and Maya 7.0. (If that counts for any of you)


Theme designs' date=' such as the thead.png, tr.png, bg.png and others.

Button designs, "Post Reply" etc.


Are all things I need help with regarding graphics.


I am pretty good with both graphic design and css, and would be more than happy to help.


That's great to hear; find my email in my Profile or in this thread and add me on MSN (otherwise contact me through PM).

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