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VERY IMPORTANT!! (not really)


do you have a PSP  

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  1. 1. do you have a PSP

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Hey i dont know if you guys could do this but....


You know how if you make a card and later you find out somethings wrong with it you have to make the same card all over again to change that one tiny thing. Well i was wondering if you guys could put a box in the card maker where you insert your cards code. Then all the sections for the card would come up and you just go to the part you messed up on and fix it.


I hope that makes sence.

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If you are refering to being able to save cards for future editing, then you are in for a lovely suprise when you use Yugiohcardmaker 3.0 :lol: The difference from your code-suggestion is displayed below;


So far only YCM, Falling, Dan and myself have access to it though...

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