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Dragon Of Destruction


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sacrificing 3 DRAGON type monster. This card gains 200 ATK points for every DRAGON type monster in your graveyard. When this card is the only monster on your field, then this card may inflict direct damage to your opponents Life Points.


And the sacrifice for the dragon:



How is it?

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The Dragon Egg is broken.




Summon it, get tokens, set Sak or Mirror Force or something. End.


Then your opponent summons X attacks and Boom, you Sak it or something.Then they set 1 or 2 s/t.


You draw, MST/Storm 1 or all of their F/D, then summon Dragon of Destruction and ATK for at least 3200 damage.



And it give instant Advantage. So yeah, it's still broken.


Egg: 5/10 ART

Egg: 0/10 Playability

Dragon: 2/10 ART

Dragon: 2/10 Playability


Nice try.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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