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Ultimajk's Bad Reaction Deck


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This is a deck im still working on so if you see any thing that I should change or add please tell me. I am also looking for cards that let me search my deck for traps and cards that heal my opponent. If you know the names of some please tell me.


Version 3.0


Tribute Monsters ( 4 )

Anteatereatingant x2

Cyber Dragon

Lava Golem


Monsters (16)

A Cat of Ill Omen x2

Balloon Lizard

Brain Jacker

Cobra Jar

Cyber Gymnast

Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

Gene-Warped Warwolf

Luster Dragon

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole


Stealth Bird x3

Submarineroid x2


Spells (10)

Card Trader

Different Dimension Capsule

Mask of the Accursed

Messenger of Peace

Mystical Space Typhoon

Rain of Mercy

Snatch Steal

Upstart Goblin x3


Traps (11)

Bad Reaction To Simochi x3

Gift Card x3

Magic Cylinder

Radiant Mirror Force

The Eye of Truth

Trap Reclamation

Wall of Revealing Light


Main strategy in this deck is to have out Bad Reaction to Simochi while i use cards like The Eye of Truth and Snatch Steal to hurt them 1000 for each turn. Aswell as Gift card dealing 3000 damage.

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Cat of Ill Omen


More Upstart Goblins


Maybe try the Spirit Barrier/Astral Barrier Combo.


Paths of Destiny can help by dealing an opponent 2000 no matter what, even if you take 2000 yourself.


You see, I'm making this same deck.


A kind of cruddy addition would be Burning Algae

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Eat Decree :P


Why is brain jacked in there, its effect does not activate if it is attacked and flipped(unless by a monster that would not kill it, but 900 def, doubtful) so it isn't really worth it.


Try level limit area B and gravity bind to stall for gift card drawing.

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oh yeah gift of greed is a horrible card even in my opinion now. Disturbance Strategy is much better. Its basicly a reload for your opponent.


Yeah ive always worried about people who run a ton of magic and trap destroying cards aswell as Prohibition. But thats why its not a pure healing opponent deck. I have other cards like Lava Golem and Stealth Bird just incase my Bad Reaction card is taken out of comission. (All 3 were removed from play one time by Nobleman of exterminasion.)


As for tossing in Level Limit Area B and Gravity bind. I might just do that. I have often had problems with the two stalling cards i have. (Wall of Revealing Light and Messenger of Peace)


Brain jacker your probably right so i should toss him out soon. Shame V_V I love the card especially in this deck lol

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