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Fan Fic Characters (Got the idea from Oplo)


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I'm making a Fan Fic (Which you may or may have known) and I'm not terribly good at making characters... soooooo, make a character that you want to see in my (never before seen) fan fic, and I'll probably add it. It's in the pretty early stages, I want to get more done before I post it. Also, this is a way to get the good people of this forum more involved in non-interactive RPGs.


Don't be afraid to post a character after this has died down a bit, always looking for new characters.






DESCRIPTION(if chibi: additional characteristics):


DECK TYPE(post set cards are from, or just their entire deck):










NAME: Kahado Drem

AGE: 14

DESCRIPTION(if chibi: additional characteristics): (see chibi)

PERSONALLITY: A little out there, not too emotional. Sarcastic when he's not supposed to be. Ignores any emotions he does have.

DECK TYPE(post set cards are from, or just their entire deck): Thunder ( http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=1005 )

HISTORY(ext.): (you'll find out)

FAVORITE CARD: Thunder Dragon

CHIBI(optional): tek070425d9c254kg5.png



Also, if you want too add any other fields to be filled out, I don't really mind. The more description of your character, the better.

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Mikhail Uria


Age: 14


Description: Tall and dark haired. Wears jeans and is never seen without his deckbox strapped to his pocket. His favourite colours are blue and white. If he wants something, he doesn't care who or how many people he has to get through to get it: he will destroy everything in order to get what he wants.


Deck Type: Armor Monsters (I'll PM this to you with effects later). He uses no traps at all, to prove he does not have to rely on "cheap tricks" to win his duels.


History: As a child he was abandoned as an orphan. He found a duel disk as he scavenged in the streets and practised duelling against fellow misfortunates, wagering sometimes all their money, cards or even food. After he invariably won, would ruthlessly leave them to die. As he turned from a boy into a teenager, he fell into an underground dueling syndicate that inflicted pain on the duelists as they lost life points. This made his "Armor Monsters" almost perfectly suited to it: creating a suit of defense that protected him from harm. The "Armor Monsters" were released widely by (a duelling corporation: I don't know what you're using), but Mikhail hunted down all that owned any and destroyed them, sealing their decks in the process until he owned the only set. He now vows to conquer the entire duelling world, one duelist at a time.


(No Chibi)

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A fairly bitter and angry person whom dose not rely on anyone but himself. He has is a very good duelist and dislikes loosing enought to destroy his opponents cards.


He uses a Dark Machine deck


Barrel Dragon 3

Blow Back Dragon 3

Cyber Stien 3

Heavy Mech Support Platform 3

Dark Hex Sealed Fusion 3 (for gatteling dragon)


and what ever other cards you want him to have.

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NAME:Oplo Olpo


DESCRIPTION:Brown Hair,Brown Eyes,Frown,Evil Stare,Mean Look,Black Water Shirt,Black Coat,Black Pants,Black Shoes

PERSONALLITY:Mean to the Core,Evil to the Core,Bite Your Head Off to the Core

DECK TYPE:Never Return

HISTORY:Always Hated Everything.Never Did What He Was Told.Set A Sword On Fire.Put Black Hole On His Back.Got A Pet Dragon.

FAVORITE CARD:Relinquished

CARDS: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2540


CARD OF HIMSELF:tek070422c06f36cq8pngsejw8.jpg


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Ok, why not


NAME: Madanger Mahadi

AGE: 13

DESCRIPTION: Demonic Spikes, black cloak,

DECK CARDS:http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=1440, http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=1265

BIO: Jake Mahadi's younger brother, hated Jake, because Jake always defeated him in dueling. Now his spirit corrupted and now his evil side controls him with only thing on his mind, defeating Jake.

DECK TYPE: Curse Of UnderWorld

WHY HE CAME: To defeat Jake.

BEST CARD:http://i138.photobucket.com/albums/q259/sander2500/yugiohvltskaardidvol118.jpg


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Name: Luther Slaughter


Age: 14


Describtion: Medium height with jet black hair and grey eyes tanned skin. Wears dress clothes and shorts. usally he wears red, black, and white. A calm person with a split personality. Luther enjoys helping others and tries to be a good person but comes off cold hearted accident prone. The other personality is a heartless dualist the does what ever it takes to win only manifests when he duals with his Antcient Terror cards because of the dark aura coming from the Ancient Terror Diablos card. He can't seem to throw away the deck or card so he is stuck using it trying to overcome his other side.


Deck Type: Ancient Terror Deck. (You can find these cards in my post Ancient Terror monsters or you can ask me to PM them to you.)


History: As a little kid Luther was happy with his small family. Until one day he came across a sealed deck box in the celler. After openning it revealing the Ancient Terror cards inside of it. The spirit of the Ancient Terror Diablos card quickly overcame him and caused him to force his family into a shadow dual banishing them all to the shadow realm. Luther then tried to destroy the cards but soon was in pain once they where not in his possetion Diablos had bound it's self to his soul. Luther now duals to find away to get his family back from the shadows and rid his soul of Diablos.


(No Chibi)

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NAME: Iraga


AGE: 14


DESCRIPTION(if chibi: additional characteristics): The "Runt of the litter", small for his age, never tans(rarely goes outside).


PERSONALLITY: Kind and loyal to everyone, even thoes who bully him. ( he can see duel spirits )


DECK TYPE(post set cards are from, or just their entire deck): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2248 + staple cards (mirror force, negate attack, ect.)


HISTORY(ext.): He is the school dork who never wins anything, then one day a half-dead guy comes up to him and begs him for money or food and he gives it to him. The man turns out to be Seto Kiba and gives him a duel disk and a deck of the finest cards money can buy, he takes the disk but turns down the deck, saying " I want to try this on my own and start from scratch like all the other kids out there." Kiba agrees but gives him $150 to get himself started. Iraga accepts,

He Was a Dueling Natural


FAVORITE CARD: Mage of Dragons-Iraga (same name thing...)


CHIBI(optional): tek0705083cd016wv8.png

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Name: Dr. Kolobos


Age: 31


Personallity: He never seems to say much, and always watching the students duels closely.


Deck Type: Turmoil Deck. (List herehttp://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2500&highlight=


Bio: Dr. Kolobos is a new teacher at the Duel Academy, he teaches the arts of Light and Dark types. Many students believe that he can control the dark arts for real, and some sort of voodoo master. In truth he was a scientist in Egypt when a Ancient Portal was found which brought forth the Army of Ra and Anubis. After the Gods was defeated by a bunch of children and they Duel Monsters, Dr. Kolobos reclaimed the Millennium Items brought from the portal. Now he truly has REAL magic behind him. He has ANOTHER DECK, but only uses it against kids he thinks might be the one with the hidden power of the Ancients.


Additional Information: He worked for Kaiba Corp when he was a scientist in Egypt. He quit once he returned home to England and begin teaching a year later. The Millennium Items he has in his control are the Millennium Gauntlet and Millennium Globe. Through the hidden writing on them Dr. Kolobos believes the child who will once again open the Ancient Portal is a Duel Academy student. And he wishes to train this child, as the writing says the Portal of Anubis is just one gateway these items can open. And through these portals are other Millennium Items he wishes to gain control of.


Favorite Card: Soul Master, Shadows Symbiote and Millennium Gauntlet.


Here is a pic of Dr. Kolobos. YES I know it isn't a CHILBI, but then again he's not a student, he's a teacher.



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