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Monsters x25

The Creator x3

Majestic Mech Goryu x3

Judgement Dragon x2


Celestia x2


The Creator Incarnate x3

Jain the Lightsworn Paladin


Honest x2


Wulf x2


Summoner Monk

Krebons x2



Spells x11

Trade-In x3

Solar recharge x2

Charge of the Light Brigade

Pot of Avarice x2

Heavy Storm

Brain Control



Traps x7

Mirror Force

Threatening Roar x2

Call of the Haunted

Compulsory Evacuation Device x2


I made CED very annoying for people at College. My own personal tech.

Cold wave is another.


Don't Try saying negging one creator or the incarnate. They always work for me.


Comments are welcome.

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Why Summoner Monk? It tested well. I get the creator out and Seconded turn killed really fast with it.


I like the Krebons Engine.


PSZ would have only one use' date=' I would like more than one synch.



Summoner Monk really shines when with the Cat engine.

Krebons is ok, but more than often, you'll mill the engine and it'll be useless. PSZ can be beneficial both ways.

also, with the Creator, you could always just reborn Plague and sync again......

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Yea But if I did that.... nvm.


I'd prefer Tele. For me, I'd usually draw it first turn, so the milling aspect is not bad.


I don't run plague in builds because, besides of my preference, I don't have anyway of getting one. JD, I could get off of these guys I know, plus I borrow my friends. but plague is impossible to find.

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