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Custom Pixel Webcomic|The Distorted Dimension|

E-Hero Kyle

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Greetings fellow Forum'ers!


This is EHK, I'ma here to present to you my custom Pixel Webcomic titled as The Distorted Dimension...


Actually, I made these because I got inspired by the 2G Pkmn Comicseries Pixel Webcomics so I tried to made this and still continuing...


If you see some grammar errors, don't mind it 'cause it is all for the comic's originality


Typos must be reported, post here your comments, suggestions or reactions...


As I can see, tinypic must have reduced the quality of these webcomics so pardon me for the quality


CHAPTER (Chapter Count) / (Page Count)






[spoiler=Chapter 1/1: The Final Duel]




[spoiler=Chapter 1/2:Interruption]




[spoiler=Chapter 1/3:Kakashi]




[spoiler=Chapter1/4:HE WON!]















All sprites came from Spriters-Resource,

and therefore, I do not own these sprites and backgrounds...


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I'm lovin this so far' date=' though where their sprites are standing, thats a tunnel to the dueling area. Their standing on it's side. Other than that it's good though



I made them to really stand by the side for some effects to look like their going inside the frame


Freakin' epic ;D. Hope you make more!


Thanks men! I'll sure make more of these

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