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Kingdom Hearts A Nobody's Organization Ranking Game

Ultimate Assassin Ninjew

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This Game is for Kingdom Hearts A Nobody's Organization members only.


In here, you will fight for your rank within the Organization itself.




I. One on One battles only.

II. Cannot use dusks you control if you are in the Organization.

III. Basic Dimensional Arena to fight in.

IV. Cannot leave the field until you defeat your opponent.

V. No God Mod

VI. Must Firewall. If you need details on this, PM me.

VII. You may post who you want to fight and the judge will accept.

VIII. Only one fight can take place at a time so that no confusion can take place.

IX. Only the fighters and the judge may post when a fight is in session.

X. When a fight is over, you may post on who you wish to fight.

XI. If more people wish to fight, the judge will make a list and you will go in that order.

XII. If you've been challenged to a fight, you just post within the fight within two days time. If you do not post in that time frame, you will automatically be deemed the loser. If there is a reason you cannot, PM me or DC. This applies to any post of the fight, whether it be the start or end or any between.

XIII. This involves skills using your weapon if your an Organization member. Anything else will be seen as GodMod. To nonOrganization members you have no powers so it is even more skill.



Ranking Rules:


I. If two people of the same rank fight, the loser goes down a rank.

II. If a person of lower rank fights and beats a person of a higher rank, they move up to that rank, but the higher ranked person will stay that rank.

III. If a person of lower rank fights and loses to a person of higher rank, nothing happens.

IV. When the Organization is full and a member of a lower rank beats an Organization member, they take that Organization members spot.

V. You can only advance in rank by beating a person of a higher rank.

VI. You may only fight someone of the same rank or one higher rank.

VII. You cannot fight someone of a lower rank.

VIII. Failure to follow the order deemed by the judge or any above rules will be an automatic rank down.





Xemnas[DeckCreater722] will judge each fight. He will state who won or lost if there is some controversy. He will also look for God Modding and NonFirewalling.


If he is unable to judge, he will choose someone to judge for him that he feels will do the job correctly.





This does affect your standing in the club as this is the direct way to direct the flow of members and their ranking. Only the strongest can be in the Organization itself. The only way to do better in the Organization is to become strong.


Heart Points have no direct effect on these fights. It is purely skill to become a stronger individual to better the Organization.


You must follow the rules stated.





Any questions, PM me or Xemnas[DeckCreater722].



Club Link:

In case you need to find the club to join or just to go to it, here's the link.



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As long as you know the field, then set it up that way.


From here on out, fighting should be taking place.


Roxas, you can set up the field and have oyur starting post as well.


Pokefan, once we get your Organization name we will use that instead, until then you are yourself. And must post inside the battle field.


Also I have added a new rule under the rules list.

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*jumps up into air, violently trying to gain control. Makes rain .00000001 degrees C, still not turning to snow. The water freezing time accelerates and ground is turned to a block of slick ice*(this is not just vexens ability. The reason i can do this even though i cannot control ice, water is a melted version of ice. After it becomes ice it is no longer under my control unles i want to re melt and re freeze. I do not munipulate the ice like vexen can.)*Lands 15 yards away melting the ice around my feet*

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