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♥Łövëły Return♥ Gochen much?

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[align=center]Remember my old Gochen Boxes :3? (If not check them out here --> Gochen Box) Well Jazin has another box image so I figured I'd add it to the set ;3!


Hope you enjoy!



This card's effect can be used during either player's turn. Select 1 monster the turn player controls. Equip the selected monster to this card. This card's ATK and DEF become equal to the selected monster's ATK and DEF. During the End Phase of the turn this effect was activated, destroy the selected monster and inflict damage to the respective owner of the selected card equal to half it's ATK.


<(^^)> Hug if ya Love!![/align]

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Guest Zeonark

Oho. I like this guy. Get him out early in the Duel and snatch your opponent's monster each time they Normal Summon one.


Since it can be easily destroyed by Spells/Traps, it's balanced to me. I wish it inflicted more than just half though. It's still good IMO regardless.

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So... this box steals monsters and later destroys them.


Isn't that OP'ed?

I mean, I could steal my opponent's stronger monster so my opponent won't be able to destroy the box by battle; if he/she does anything, he/she will lose the monster at the End Phase, and if he/she destroys the box with a card effect, he/she will lose the monster anyways because it was equipped to the box, great deal!


Unless I am missing something, that's too much for a monster that does not even require any Tribute.

And not only that: You could Special Summon this card with Mystic Tomato, steal and destroy the monster that destroyed the Tomato, and during your opponent's next turn steal another monster. Awesome!

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glad to see you again' date=' LLD


I did miss rating your cards


it's ATK should be its ATK (remember, it's = it is)


but other than that, the OCG is perfect, as is the effect, so it gets 9.9/10





It's OP'd.

I'd just summon it, end my turn, select my opponent's JD. Once he ends, JD dies, and he loses 1500.

Where is the drawback on this?

Using it against yourself is bad? DUH



You've done better.

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