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B.E.S. Deck

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Note: this is my 1st time using a B.E.S. Deck or even making one i just made it because i was reading about it and it seemed like it would be fun to play. So wanting to know how to make it better



Lv 1-4(2)


snipe hunter



Big Core MK-2 x3

Big Core x2

Crystal core x3

The Tricky x3

Cydra x2

Jinzo x2(thinking of kickin)



lv 7+ (3)

Covered Core x3


Spells: (16)

PoA x 2

Boss Rush x 3

Heavy storm

Lightning vortex

soul exchange x3

cold wave

brain control

ancient forest x3



Royal decree x2

The Tranmigration Prophecy

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