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Yubel/Lightsworn Turbo [WC09]


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Well, I'm still playing WC09 and... I need some help. I've got the Fortune Cup coming up, and I need to beat Trudge. I've decided I'll go for either Yubel or Lightswarm. They both seem effective. So a Turbo Yubel/Lightsworn decks would be nice. I've got both packs, so yeah. A Ground version of the decks would be nice too ;D I'll only need one Turbo and I don't mind how many Grounds, but if I can get both Turbo/Grounds, I don't mind.


Yubel Ground [ ]

Yubel Turbo [ ]

Lightsworn Ground [ ]

Lightsworn Turbo [ ]


I'll pay 150 points each ^^

If this is in the wrong section, please move it to the right place ^^

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You're still playing WC09? Anyway, IMO LS are the best choice for Turbo. I forgot which Speed Spells were in WC09, so say if some are not.



Monsters [20]

3x Wulf

3x Lyla

3x Lumina (you're using September 09 List, yeah?)

3x Honest

3x Necro Gardna

3x Ryko

2x JD


Spells [12]

3x Speed Spell - Foolish Burial

3x Speed Spell - Overboost

3x Speed Spell - Angel Baton

2x Speed Spell - Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Speed Spell - Raigeki


Traps [8]

3x Glorious Illusion

2x Acceleration Zone

1x Mirror Force

1x Solemn

1x TT

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Ya... That's the last download to be released. After that' date=' I think they moved onto downloads for WC10.


[b']Also, isn't JD banned?[/b] And I'll need to collect the other Lightsworns.. And I might go for Yubel on the Jack battle...


I lol'd. It's not banned, it's semi'd.

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Does this work? It isn't exactly 'turbo' but it's a good Yubel deck


Total: 41


Monsters (20)

Chaos-End Master x3

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Mystic Tomato x3


Snipe Hunter

The Calculator x2

Yubel x3

Yubel - Terror Incarnate x2

Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare X2

Caius The Shadow Monarch

Montage Dragon


Spells (5)

Heavy Storm

Monster Reincarnation

Mystical Space Typhoon

Hand Destruction

Foolish Burial


Traps (16)

Solemn Judgement

Call of the Haunted

Damage Condenser x2

Dark Illusion x2

Interdimensional Matter Transporter

Limit Reverse x2

Mirror Force

Raigeki Break x2

Torrential Tribute

Battle Mania x3


Side Deck (2)

Ojama Trio

All-Out Attacks

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