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Things are just brilliant....


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to start off my life at the moment is starting to get very shitty.


I have spent the last 3 weeks courting this girl and have spent quite a lot of money on her for her to say she didnt want to be my girl friend D:.


My laptop is now broken due to my sister putting it into hibernation. I thought she had turned it off and held in the power button, it now wont show my home page (Black screen) and i cannot access internet very much accept by my sisters laptop


all my friends are curently on holiday so i am at the moment a loner


I just found out one of my best friends has a heart condition, fortunately it isn't fatal and is making a speedy recovery. A few people on here know who I am talking about but I dont want to make it public.


I lost my pokewalker as well with an EEvee on it, that pissed me offf because i really wanted an espeon


Things could be worse but righ now i am feeling depressed





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