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Artemis Fowl Series


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Favorite........ Book Series......... EVER!


I never liked a series more than this one' date=' even rhough Time Paradox was little bit of a let down.



The Time Paradox was ok, just seemed like they rushed it =/


I haven't read the newest one yet' date=' but I've been impressed with books 1-5. Opal Deception and Eternity Code were my favorites.



My favs were the Arctic Incident and the Opal Deception.


Eternity Code was the best. My least favorite were Arctic Accident and Time Paradox. 1st book was awesome......


Eternity Code just set up Opal Deception into the most interesting read ever, making it auto awesome. I actually liked the Arctic Incident. Got me hooked on the series. I could never really finish the 1st book. It just didn't hook me much =/

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I own all Four of the six-seven books there is. Yes, I call the Artemis Fowl Files a book to because it costs me money. I have read the fourth and was going to read the fifth, but got distracted by school and all. But anyhow, i liked all of them so far. I've been going back and read the first one, yet I can't seem to get interested reading the Second one.

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i didnt like time paradox at all. i loved them all though.


Um... Contradictory?


Anyways, I own books 1-6, and I can't wait for the 7th.


Nº1 is my favorite character.


I've hope there is a movie, as long as it's done right. Although from what I've read, there will be a movie, and the first will combine the first 2 books (since the first book is kinda more introductory and showing up Arty's smarts than anything), but the rest will be normal, but I'm not sure how reliable the internet can be.

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Read all of them' date=' last one was a let-down. /:



^this. hope theres a movie.


Well, they're in the process of making one, but they had to scrap the first cut, because the special effects were taking too long, so the actor set to play him aged too much, so they're redoing it, and it's supposed to come out some time in the next two years.

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The Artemis Fowl series is a good one. Even though I've only read up to the 5th one, whoes title escapes my memory right now, I love it. The ending wasn't quite as good as the other 4, but I enjoyed it still.


it's supposed to come out some time in the next two years.

Two? Damn.

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