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We all read them sometimes.


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We have Green Eggs and Ham in our high school library.


So do we. Everyone in the freshmen drama class has to choose one book and act it out' date=' line for line. My teacher gives extra credit if we do a book report on something we read. I titled mine [i']Symbolism in Children's Literature: The Hidden Religious Messages in Oh The Places You'll Go[/i].

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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was my favorite growing up


This guy is officially my clone.





Or I can be your clone if you want.


Or we can both be clones of the worlds greatest solider who was secretly forced into a coma to allow the world to be controlled by computers until one of us kills the other and later the dead one posses a traitor guy who attached our arm to them and with a huge awesome plan we save the world together (with one of us being a pawn, the other being the mastermind).


I liked that book.

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