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Cauis x3

Raiza x3

DAD x1

Trago x1

Cydra x2

G Spy x3

G Guard x1

Tomato x1

Sangan x1

Gale x1

Krebons x2

Plague x1

Fader x1




Allure x1

Instant x2

S-Exchange x1

E-Tele x1

Heavy x1

BoM x2

Vortex x1

B-Control x1




D-Prison x3

Bottomless x2

TT x1

Starlight x1

Oppression x1

Solemn x1




Fortress x1

Musician x2

Stardust x2

Red Dragon x1

Thought x1

Armor Master x1

Arcanite x1

Black Rose x1

Goyo x1

Brionic x1

Android x1

Catastor x2



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Looks pretty cool, Insant Fusion at 3 though? Not necessary with the Spy/Guard thing really.


-1 Tomato

-1 Instant Fusion


+1 Sangan

+1 Soul Exchange

(+1 Useful Extra Deck card in place of Musician)


Yes there are mixed views on Soul Exchange but at the right time it turns a game around.

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