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Deck modification

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I hate that structure deck.


Put in three Shrinks.


Lose Machine Duplication UNLESS you put in 3 Woodborg Impatchi.


Keep in the ancient Gear monsters EXCEPT Ancient Gear.

Get rid of Ancient Gear Factory and replace it with Mausoleum of the Emperor.

Remove Ancient Gear explosive.

Try to get one more Ancient Gear Castle.

You may want to get rid of the gadgets, but they CAN be good.

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Dude, there is no point running 1 of each Gadget. That is not how they work. If you want to run Gadgets, try to build a Fifth Gadget deck (9 Gadgets in total :: 45 cards in the deck). Ancient Gears and Gadgets do not work together in my experience, UNLESS you run about 2 of each Gadget and splash in the good Gear monster.

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