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Poll: Do You Watch American Idol?


Do You Watch American Idol?  

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  1. 1. Do You Watch American Idol?

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Well Shadow Avian







Pop Idol is a British television series which debuted on ITV on October 5, 2001; the show was a talent contest to decide the best new young pop singer, or 'pop idol', in the United Kingdom, based on viewer voting and participation. A second series was broadcast in 2003.


The Idol series has become an international franchise; it has spun off many successful shows such as American Idol, Australian Idol, Latin American Idol, Idols (Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Serbia-Montenegro & Macedonia), Canadian Idol, Idols West Africa, Indian Idol, Indonesian Idol, New Zealand Idol, Hay Superstar, Nouvelle Star , Pinoy Idol (Philippines), Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Singapore Idol, Malaysian Idol, Vietnam Idol, Music Idol (Bulgaria), Ídolos Brazil, Ídolos Portugal, and Super Star.







I believe, the Biritish 'Pop Idol' was the first, according to Wiki, and all the other versions around the world originated from it, so you can thank or hate us brits for spreading it ^_^

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It is the worst idea in history, worse than genocide. genocide can at least help stabilize a population, this just promotes the ideas of hope and faith in a TV show, which to me is promoting things that should not even exist, or be allowed to exist, because of how detrimental they are to society.

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I tried, it was WAY too bad. The final 10 had like only 1 or maybe 2 people who could sing. x.x I much prefer Canadian Idol, someone who really deserves it wins every time. :3 The only horrid thing was when Rex Goudie got second, even though he couldn't sing at all. x.x


My sister's auditioning for CI this year, I'm auditioning next year. ;3

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