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YGO and Digemon Copying each other?

Father Wolf

Are these the same?  

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  1. 1. Are these the same?

    • OMG Hax!
    • This is wierd
    • ur just dumb there totally diffrent.

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I don't think they were copied' date=' rather they are based off the same form of chinese doll. I dunno, check "Trivia" under either and see what comes up.



I have to agree with kaze... i'm pretty sure that they are both based of a doll...


Wow' date=' I've seen both before, but never saw that. Wow, very odd, but I'd have to agree with God Kaze and say they were both based of the Dogū

And Flame Dragon with the save...

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Freaky' date=' wow. lol

Well, kaze is right, probably based of the same thing. Butcome on, based or not, make it look different >_<



they don't look anything alike... look at the legs (and above them)... the crown... the hands... wings... ear (like things)... and the chest... just the general shape is the same...

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