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Johan Santana Traded?


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Ok, originally, it was the Yankees and the Red sox talking to the Twins for Santana. Then, out of the blue, the Mets apparently are able to get the twins to agree to a trade. And the mets arent even giving up a major leagure. the twins just may have traded the best pitcher in the game today for unproven, and possibly not good talant.



Discuss,what should the Yankees, or Red Sox have done, and is this a good deal to the Twins?


Yankees offer: Philip Hughes, Melkey Cabrera*, minor leaguers.

Red Sox offer: Jacoby Elsberry, ?, ?

Mets offer: Minor Leagures, rated 10, 8, and 2 in their system.


*= may or may not have included


Fun fact, the minor leaguers for the mets that they offored didn't even rate in the top 10 in the yankeesfarm system, thus, the mets got a steal, and the Yankees/Red Sox got robbed.

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Yeah, at the worst possible time, the yankees chose to not try for the best player. Wow, what a time to do that. The red sox also lost out. I think the overall loser in the dealare the Twins. They gave away the last great player they had, for some talant that may very well be passible at best. this is sad =/

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