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Clockwork Magician!


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Something about heads. What if your not in your battle phase? does it mean that the card cannot attack if did not get heads.


Yes' date=' it can attack even if it's not the Battle Phase.



um' date=' keikun already made 1, [/quote']


Just since she (i think) made a set... and her pics were awsome... doesn't mean DW can't...


Sorry xD.. I didn't know she did...

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It's broken.


Allow me to explain why.


First off... In a turn, there are six phases. So basically, you can attack a maximum of six times. That makes 4800 damage in one turn. But then, if you think about it, you can actually attack more than six times. How? I'll show you.


Opponent's first turn: Set a monster, end.


Your first turn: Draw Phase: Draw. Skip Sby Phase. Main Phase 1: Activate Nobleman of Xout, play Second Coin Toss. Flip Coin until you get tails. Move back to Sby Phase. Flip until tails. Go back to Draw Phase. Flip coing until heads. Attack. Draw. Sby, attack. Main, attack. etc. etc. etc.


So not only can you keep going back, you can also draw if you go back to your draw phase. And don't forget, even if it's your end phase, it doesn't mean your turn is over. A turn does not end until you pass it.


Starting a duel with 8000 Life Points, just use cards that boost your life points. Like fairies. Or, don't even use its attacking effect. Just keep going back to your draw phase to draw more cards.


So basically, it's broken. There are also a few OCG errors...


Nice idea though.

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