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half moon contest (Contest over and winners announced!)


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Alright, the rules for this contest are as follows:


1. You must use the following picture




2. You must edit the picture in some way.

3. You MUST have (at least) accurate SPELLING and GRAMMAR.

4. Create a new monster type for your card.

5. The monster must have an effect.

6. The name of the card must involve the word/s "moon" and/or "beast".

7. You must have one supporting effect monster, magic, or trap card.

(please note: you do not need one of each of the supporting cards; just one of your choice.)


Judging will be based on the above rules and on creativity. The end date is February 12th, 2008.(The end date is subject to change!)


Prizes are as follows:


1st place- 4 reps and 2 points

2nd place- 1 rep and 10 points

3rd place- 1 rep and 5 points


Have fun!


P.S. The more creative you are, the better your chances of winning will be!!

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Here are my entries (subject to change):



While you control no monsters on your side of the field, this card's Type is treated as Beast, and it gains the following effect: -This card can attack twice in the same Battle Phase.

While you control another monster, this card's Type is treated as Warrior and it gains the following effect: -Each time this card destroys an opponent's monster as a result of battle, increase this card's ATK by 200.



Field Spell Card

Once per turn, you may remove or place 1 "Transform Counter" on a monster on your side of the field. A monster with a "Transform Counter" is treated as being an additional monster under your control, in addition to itself.

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ok, I will edit this later!



Effect: This monster can be Special Summoned from your hand by sending 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard. If this card is Summoned in this way, activate 1 of the following effects:

· This card can attack twice during the turn it was Special Summoned.

· Halve this monster's ATK. This card can attack your opponent directly for this turn only.

· Pay 1000 Life Points. This card can attack all of your opponent's monsters (This monster cannot attack your opponent directly if this effect was used).

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Sorry to be so long in announcing a winner.


So here they are!! (along with why you got the position you did)


1. Soulrobber666 for being extremely creative and making a support monster for the main card! ( a few mistakes though, you got lucky ^^)


2. Slayer_Supreme for having some very creative effects and a nice idea for the new monster type!


3. Casaditymaker for only submitting one card but still having a decent entry..

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