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Any ideas?

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i know this is stupid, but i want to know a few things about these cards




Gift Card

Your Opponent gains 3000 life points




Gift Of Greed

Your opponent draws 2 cards


both are in Tactical Evolution


i need some ideas on how these cards could be helpful

let me start you off, Bad Reaction to Simochi could take card effects like that and reverse them, so your opponent loses 3000 life points instead of gaining 3000 life points for Gift Card


any ideas, anyone?

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I know one, if your monster's equipp with Megamorph while you have more life points and they attack, you can play that trap card to make their life points higher and so doubling your monster's ATK.


From the look of this, there are more cards that have more to them than meets the eye like broken bamboo sword.

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